Sludge dewatering

CDEnviro offer a range of plate filter press' for application in quarries, mines, municipal waste water treatment plants and other industrial applications to ensure maximum dewatering of sludge and the minimisation of waste volumes.

Sludge dewatering

A filter press is the dewatering equipment of choice for those looking to achieve maximum sludge dewatering. When compared to other equipment for sludge dewatering such as the belt press or centrifuge the filter press achieves significantly higher dry solids content in the final filter cake.

With growing pressure on operators to reduce waste volumes and divert waste material from landfill, a filter press offers you a route to achieving these goals. The filter press offers the best sludge dewatering system as a result of the high dry solids content of the final filter cake when compared to a belt press or centrifuge.

The range of filter press products that we offer through our partnership with Diemme ensures that you are able to specify the most technologically developed range of filter presses on the world market. With decades of experience in this sector the Diemme filter press range ensures a high performance sludge dewatering system for your municipal waste water treatment application.

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