An excellent, durable product which is the basis for most of our oil recovery systems.


  • Attracts all oils and floating chemicals.
  • Rejects water.
  • Is not affected by floating debris on the water surface.
  • Can be made in any length required.
  • Can be made ready looped or open ended.
  • Is available in 4”, 6” or 9” widths - a special wide version is made to produce the force 7 mop net.
  • Has two different types - black mop for heavy oils and white mop for light oils and medium viscosity oils.
  • Is hugely diverse in its use.
  • Can be used on a factory floor, (hand mops) or can be used at sea, (force 7). 

    The OPEC Mop was developed in 1974 and has since been improved to the point that is truly the best quality oil retention material in the industry. It takes four manufacturing processes to produce a finished mop.

    OPEC Mop is a fibrillated polypropylene yarn that is oleophillic and hydrophobic. (Basically that whilst it rejects the absorption of water it attracts all oils and floating chemicals).

    The fabric is constructed in a way that creates the maximum amount of surface area which in turn creates a massive recovery capability, through adsorption and retention of oil and floating chemicals.

    OPEC Mop was the main product when the company was established in 1980. Over the years it has been used in all of OPEC’s mop skimmer systems without any technical problems and is still the key to OPEC’s continuing success.

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