COP15 Climate Talks

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Leeds town hall

Durban talks should look to Leeds for inspiration

COP17's climate change talks should look to the English city of Leeds for inspiration, according to academic research.

Legally binding agreement a 'cornerstone' for COP17

The annual political battle against climate change began today (November 28) in the South African city of Durban.

2°C Challenge Communique published today

The 2°C Challenge Communique, calling on governments around the world to take action to "secure a low carbon-emission economy that is more resilient, more efficient and less vulnerable to global shock" was published this morning.

Rich countries under fire as emissions talks stall

Negotiators are already at loggerheads over plans for COP17 months before the South African climate change talks are due to start.

European leaders under-fire over energy reduction targets

Industry chiefs said today (January 13) that Europe's leaders need to take a stand on power savings as the continent continues to miss reduction targets.

Cancun ends in agreement ... sort of

International pressure on delegates at COP16 resulted in a very basic deal on bringing down emissions and cash for a green climate change fund.

Roger Helmer MEP

MEP launches billboard campaign against 'climate hysteria'

A Tory politician has launched a billboard campaign against what he calls 'climate hysteria'.

Ireland pledges international support for climate change

Irish Minister for the environment, John Gormley T.D, has pledged funding to help the world's poorest nations address climate change.

UK needs 60% cut by 2030 to make emissions targets

The influential Committee on Climate Change today (December 7) called on the UK to cut its emissions by 60% compared to 1990 levels over the next two decades.

Fears Kyoto Protocol to be replaced by non-legally binding Copenhagen Accord

As COP16 enters its second and final week observers fear a plan by the Mexican Government will see the Copenhagen Accord replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Reforestation from the air proposed at COP16

Plans to reforest devastated acres of South America from the air have been unveiled at COP16.

Director of CONAGUA Jose Luis Luege Tamargo

COP16 takes lead on water issues

Water is on the agenda at COP16 after negotiators left it off the cards at Copenhagen.

PM calls on 'fast developing' nations to pay more

British prime minister David Cameron has called on 'fast developing' countries to put more money into the fight against climate change.

COP16 stage ready for the delegates

COP16 just a 'stepping stone' for future meetings

United Nation's climate change talks get underway in Cancun today (November 29) with even the most optimistic observers hoping only that the talks will be a 'stepping stone' for future events.

Copenhagen failure casts long shadow over Cancun

The failure to get global leaders to agree to a legally binding agreement in Copenhagen has jeopardised chances of stabilising and cutting emissions levels, according to a new report.

UNFCCC executive secretary, Christiana Figueres.

Expectations 'realistic' with a week to go before COP16

With just seven days to go until the world largest gathering of environmental thought-makers the chances of a meaningful agreement coming out of Cancun are low.

The launch of Climate Week

Barker promises to keep coalition the 'greenest government ever'

Climate minister Greg Barker has promised to hold the coalition to its promise to be the 'greenest government ever', at the launch for the UK's first Climate Week.

Final climate change talks before COP16

The final round of meaningful talks before COP16 has outlined what could be decided next month in Cancun.

Mr Huhne at the Carbon Show

Huhne promises UK will be 'fastest improving' renewable nation by 2015

The UK's place in the relegation zone of Europe's renewable power generators is to be tackled by the Government.

Mexico City to host methane reduction talks

Dozens of nations will descend on Mexico City next month, as part of talks aimed at tackling global methane emission rates.

Mexico has clamped down on drug cartels but violence continues

Drug violence threatens COP16

Drug fuelled violence sweeping across Mexico now threatens crucial United Nation's climate change talks.

UK failing to do environment justice

A landmark legal win could help green campaigners in their fight for environmental justice in UK courts.

Rajendra Pachauri

IPCC went too far according to latest review

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change went 'beyond its remit' according to the latest independent review into its work.

Let's stop Cancun being a COP out

From the icy cold disappointment of Copenhagen to the sunny beaches of renewed optimism in Cancun the results, or failures, of COP16 are likely to dominate the news at the end of 2010.

Loopholes criticised by climate talks observers

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres says progress was made at the Bonn talks as she tries to build a framework for a successful COP16.

Pacific leaders call for 'legally binding' COP16 agreement

A meeting of Pacific leaders has called on fellow heads of state to come to a 'legally binding' agreement at the 16th Conference of Parties (COP16) meeting in Mexico later this year.

'Climate Warrior' Stephen Schneider dies

Legendary climate change campaigner Stephen Schneider died earlier this month after suffering a heart attack.

Huhne calls for 'new focus' to break COP15 climate funding deadlock

As high level climate change talks get underway in New York the UK is calling for a renewed focus on environmental funding.

Bonn talks not so good

Non-governmental-organisations have attacked a draft United Nations climate change document as 'unbalanced'.

Meeting of Mayors aims to grab initiative on climate change

Hundreds of city mayors from around the globe have sought to side-step international climate talks and forge their own path towards a low carbon future.

Bonn talks highlight rifts between rich and poor states

A fresh round of climate talks is underway in the German city of Bonn but they show little signs of breaking the deeply ingrained deadlock that became apparent in Copenhagen last year.

World leaders must agree on climate change by end of year - Stern

Climate change economist Nicholas Stern has said a political agreement building on the Copenhagen Accord is needed when world leaders meet at Cancún this December.

"Everyone needs to be an environmental professional"

Professionals across the whole spectrum of industries need to think about the environmental impact of their work and the implications of the sustainability agenda.

Fundamental shift needed to meet UK climate targets

The UK has set itself some of the toughest carbon reduction targets in the world, but we must make fundamental changes if those aspirations are going to be anything more than hot air.

Little progress from Bonn climate talks

A weekend of international negotiation made little real headway beyond offering two extra meetings that will now be shoehorned into the schedule of UN meetings to discuss climate change.

UN climate talks resume in Bonn

The first round of global climate talks since the gloomy Copenhagen summit begins in Bonn today.

Adrian Wilkes talks financial implications of climate change at SB

Financial implications of climate change, missed opportunities at COP15 and the 'climategate' emails will also feature in a key talk at Sustainabilitylive!

Visitors to NEMEX will get a unique perspective on COP15

Hiding in a toilet and blogging 24 hours a day from Copenhagen's Bella Centre has given one Sustainabilitylive! speaker a unique take on COP15.

Miliband pledges world-wide climate deal

British energy secretary, Ed Miliband, has pledged to put the country at the forefront of the international battle against climate change.

Chaotic scenes as delegates fought for a deal at COP15

Lord Stern brands COP15 a 'sixties student meeting'

Leading economist and academic, Lord Stern, compared COP15 and its 'disappointing' outcome to a 1960s student protest.

Yvo de Boer

UN climate chief Yvo de Boer quits

The man who presided over the Copenhagen climate change talks has announced he will step down from the role.

Gordon Brown launches climate change funding group

Funding to help poor countries tackle the long-term effects of climate change, has been announced by Gordon Brown.

Urban Warriors

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg told a meeting of city leaders how green policies were helping the fight against climate change. At city level, Copenhagen gave real cause for optimism, says Mike Scott

We want to see real progress towards a global agreement

As the Copenhagen climate change talks came to a close in December, the CBI judged it a disappointing conclusion to two years of negotiations. British business was keen to see a comprehensive deal and was looking to the opportunities that could come from new frameworks for a global low-carbon economy. Instead we have an Accord that skates over difficult points and is light on detail.

A Difficult Balance

Relations between countries have never been so important. Jeremy Richardson reviews the Copenhagen Accord - and discusses the future of the Clean Development Mechanism market

Healing the World

In an exclusive interview, Norway's former prime minister and UN special envoy on climate change, Gro Harlem Brundtland, tells Erik Jaques why world leaders at Copenhagen may have disappointed, but COP15 was anything but a failure

Power Politics

Whichever party wins the next general election, the Climate Change Act - and its challenging emissions targets - will be staying. So, despite minimal impact from Copenhagen, UK businesses face a challenging future, says Paul Maryan

The Big Heat

The Copenhagen Accord recognises that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Jane Wardle considers how businesses should best prepare themselves for dealing with extreme weather disruption

Spanish Environment Minister Elena Espinosa

Europe offers formal support for Copenhagen Accord

The EU has formalised its backing for the Copenhagen Accord telling the UN that it sees the limited agreement that came out of December's COP15 meeting as the 'first step towards a legally binding agreement for climate protection as of 2012'.

EU to make 'rapid and efficient' moves on climate change

Leading environment ministers from across Europe will make 'rapid and efficient' moves towards cutting carbon emissions.

British carbon cutting efforts 'meaningless'

The British government is 'falling down' when it comes to delivering effective carbon budgets, an influential group of MPs believe.

UK should cut carbon by 42% by 2020

Government is on the right track when it comes to cutting carbon but needs to be prepared to make far bigger reductions than are currently thought politically possible.

Disappointing Copenhagen talks still made important progress - Miliband

Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has told Parliament that, while disappointing, December's Copenhagen talks did make 'significant progress'.

Energy and Carbon - review of the year 2009

Without doubt the biggest story of the year in the energy and carbon sector was the 15th meeting of the Conference Of the Parties.

CBI wants national energy efficiency plan by June

The UK is being too slow in transforming to a low carbon economy and a major energy efficiency drive would be the quickest and most effective way to get back on track.

Regional bodies will need to deliver Copenhagen Accord

World leaders shifted a great deal of their responsibility to local and regional authorities which have to make Copenhagen a real success, according to the European Union Committee of the Regions (EUCR).

Africa's first carbon credit scheme

Africa's first carbon credit scheme launches in the wake of Copenhagen and aims protects the continents rain forests.

The Copenhagen Accord explained

Following two weeks of tense talks delegates at Copenhagen's COP15 have presented the world with an Accord.

Copenhagen a 'tragedy'

As the dust settled around Copenhagen's Bella Centre developed and developing countries signed off COP15 by agreeing to 'take note' of an accord.

Nuclear power for everyone - Iranian solution to climate change.

Giving developing countries access to nuclear power and reallocating some of the defence budget of the US and other major military powers is the best way to avoid a global environmental crisis, according to Iran's president.

Latin American socialists boycott last hours of COP15

A truly global climate deal is out the window after Hugo Chavez and fellow socialists from Latin America have walked out of talks, saying they won't be bullied by the capitalist economies of the US and Europe.

Strike a deal for world diplomacy - Obama

Leaders risk missing a golden opportunity to show the world that they can work together for the greater good.

Developing countries ready to help, but rich states must take lead - SA

South African President Jacob Zuma has summed up the position of most developing countries at the Copenhagen summit, saying they are not unwilling to take action, but that wealthy states must shoulder the brunt of the burden.

Japan - failing at Copenhagen would be a disgrace to world leaders

With the end of the Copenhagen talks rapidly approaching, the Japanese Prime Minister has told his peers that failing to produce a 'robust if not perfect' agreement would be a 'disgrace indeed' for world leaders.

We don't want to replace Kyoto - Africa Group

On Thursday the Africa Group spelled out what it was looking for from the negotiations - a of the Kyoto Protocol.

Deal not out of reach - Yvo de Boer

As the war of nerves continued in Copenhagen, the UN's top man told journalists that he thought the deadlock could still be broken.

"There is a way forward" - Clinton in Copenhagen

Anxious to paint itself as a constructive partner in the Copenhagen talks, the USA rolled out the big guns on Thursday.

Climate change - it's all about the jobs: USA

Taking action on climate change is all about generating new jobs and protecting national security, according to some of the USA's top politicians.

Leaders expected to stay in Copenhagen beyond Friday

News in Brief

COP15: Why do poorest countries not see eye to eye with richest?

With hindsight, reaching a strong agreement was always going to be a struggle in Copenhagen, with talks stalling if a single country decides to put its foot down.

Factions still poles apart in Copenhagen

With just a day and a half to go, there are still vast divisions to be overcome if a significant deal is to emerge from the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen.

Stay in Copenhagen until you seal a deal, leaders urged

Nelson Muffuh, Christian Aid's senior climate advocacy adviser, today urged heads of state and government meeting in Copenhagen to show leadership now while there is still time - and come up with a fair, ambitious and binding (FAB) deal on climate change.

Gordon Brown believes agreement at COP15 is on

Gordon Brown has spoken of his belief delegates at the Copenhagen climate change talks can come to an agreement by this Friday.

Yvo de Boer

People kicked out of COP15 as new president takes over

The arrival of World leaders has seen a new COP15 president and meant the organisers have decided to kick out a number of registered delegates.

Mood bleak at Copenhagen talks

With just two more days to go the Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray with no clear deal in sight.

Italian environment minister forced to queue in Copenhagen crush

Italy's glamorous Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo was just another victim of the chaotic queuing system when she tried to get into the global climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this afternoon.

Conservative leader David Cameron

David Cameron attacks Copenhagen talks

Conservative leader David Cameron has attacked COP15 as he announced £20bn measures to green homes.

Stewart Maginnis, director of IUCN's environment and development group

REDD the victim of stalled COP15

Following a promising start in the first week of COP15 a deal on deforestation is now on the rocks at the Copenhagen talks.

COP15 negotiators work through the night for deal

The rift between industrialised countries and the developing world has kept negotiators up all night in Copenhagen.

China 'doesn't want climate change handouts'

Chinese officials have said the country will not take a single dollar from any international fund set up to help developing countries move towards a low carbon economy.

Buildings best bet for cutting carbon

Making buildings more energy efficient is going to be the most cost effective way of bringing down the world's carbon emissions, according to those working within the industry.

World Bank puts it weight behind REDD

The World Bank says it's already preparing for a fully operational REDD scheme regardless of what is agreed in Copenhagen.

Talks suspended at Copenhagen

Talks at the Copenhagen climate conference have been officially suspended after developing nations refused to continue.

Nobel peace winner on leaked emails

A Nobel Peace Prize winner has dismissed the hacking of emails from a university and said the 'overwhelming' evidence shows there is a problem.

Copenhagen deal 'not come together' says Miliband

World leaders and ministers arrive in Copenhagen this week but a deal at the climate talks still seems far off.

Almost 1000 detained during COP15 protests

Riot police are bracing themselves for a third day of violent protests after a weekend of violent confrontations with activists at the Copenhagen climate change talks.

WWF backs African calls for Kyoto-style agreement

Kim Carstensen, the leader of WWF Global Climate Initiative looks at Monday's suspension of the COP15 talks.

Bolivia compares Copenhagen negotiation process to the Matrix

Pablo Solon, Bolivian ambassador to the UN, says sidetracked negotiatiors at COP15 are 'living in the Matrix'.

Friends of the Earth backs African COP15 plea

Commenting on today's Africa Group protest at the lack of progress on agreeing new targets for rich countries to slash their emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said The African countries' protest highlights the dirty tactics of rich countries who are trying to stitch up negotiations to their benefit.

The 40% Report

Reducing emissions by 40% by 2020

Friends of the Earth have launched an ambitious study which claims to show how to reduce European greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020 and 90% in 2050.

too much technical terminology can leave the public confused

Too much technical talk will fail to engage public - Minister

The environmental industry must tell their story in language that the public can embrace, according to Environment Minister Dan Norris.

Professor Stephen Schneider

Nobel Peace Prize winner attacked by camera crew

A former Nobel Peace prize winner became involved in a heated exchange with a documentary film maker when his appearance at the Copenhagen climate talks was hijacked.

Global climate expert sees positive signs at COP15

The World Wildlife Foundation's director of global climate initiative has given a thumbs up to the Copenhagen climate talks so far.

Mr Ash was presented with a T-shirt following his appearance

COP15 chairman explains his role

The pressure is on delegates at the Copenhagen climate talks to come away with a sealed deal - but imagine having to keep them all in line.

Developing world protesters attack COP delegates

Delegates arriving at the Copenhagen climate change talks were greeted by several groups of vocal protesters supporting developing countries.

Alden Meyer attended every COP meeting

COP expert brands Copenhagen most 'complicated' ever

A leading environmentalist who has attended every COP meeting has said Copenhagen is the most 'complicated' meeting ever.

Hannah Stoddard of Stakeholder Forum

COP15 delegates attacked for not thinking of water

A coalition of environmental groups has attacked COP15 delegates for not creating a specific role for water in any agreement coming from Copenhagen.

Sara Svensson will not eat until a COP15 deal is sealed

Activists refuse food until leaders agree deal at COP15

A 25-year-old Swede has eaten nothing and drunk only water for 33 days in a bid to convince world leaders to agree a deal at Copenhagen.

Jennifer Morgan (centre)

Obama could force COP15 agreement

An American environmental think tank believes president Barack Obama's schedule change could signal an agreement coming out of COP15.

Martin Khor, executive director of the South Centre

Developing world anger at developed countries threatens COP15 agreement

Negotiators for developing nations believe the developed world is not putting enough on table at COP15 to secure any form of deal, according to an international think tank.

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