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his new project will support residents to create community reuse enterprises on their housing estates

London adopts re-use hubs to tackle waste issues

Five new reuse hubs have been planted across various housing estates in London that will collect, refurbish and redistribute unwanted furniture, as part of a community engagement scheme to tackle the root causes of fly-tipping.

Eric Pickles urges councils to back weekly waste collections

Pickles reiterates stance on weekly bin collections

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has reiterated his stance on weekly bin collections and claimed that the previous Labour Government ignored the electorate by focusing on fortnightly collections.

Waste crime costs UK up to £808m a year, report suggests

Waste crime costs the UK economy more than £800m a year, according to new research.

Bigger fines for environmental crimes

Businesses warned over higher fines for environmental crimes

Businesses face bigger fines for breaking environmental laws due to new sentencing guidelines for courts in England and Wales.

Hopes rest on Scotland's litter strategy to drive behaviour change on packaging

The food packaging industry has welcomed Scotland's litter consultation, believing it will help inform consumers on how best to deal with leftover 'necessary' packaging material.

Fly-tipping reaches new heights as landfill tax starts to bite

Fly-tipping of commercial waste is reaching epidemic proportions in the UK as businesses resort to underhand methods to avoid disposal fees and landfill tax, according to an industry expert.

Welsh resource body sets out stall with 'fresh approach' to environment

The future direction of new Welsh environment body Natural Resources Wales was outlined yesterday by Resources Minister Alun Davies during its official launch in Treherbert.

New sentencing proposals crack down on waste criminals

Fly-tippers and other serious waste offenders could be slapped with larger fines after new environmental sentencing proposals were launched yesterday (14 March).

Time to target the drug pushers of fly-tipping

Punishing those who illegally dump waste will never solve the problem - you have to confront the waste producers and increase visibility at the point of disposal, argues Phil Conran

Rolling out the bins: waste contractors to be more transparent about their prices

New regulatory system for waste contractors in Ireland

A new waste management policy was launched yesterday in Ireland to give householders a greater say in who collects their rubbish.

Panorama exposes illegal trade of tyre dumping

Illegal tyre mountains are piling up across the UK as criminal gangs dump them or ship them overseas, creating big problems for legitimate recycling operators.

Council profits from crackdown on illegal waste activity

Clare County Council is to step up its monitoring of illegal waste activity such as fly- tipping and backyard burning of waste after three successful prosecutions.

Pressure mounts on Government to suspend landfill tax hikes

Waste firms have called for recent changes to landfill tax to be suspended by six months to enable a proper consultation to take place.

Lorries park up in protest over landfill tax changes (credit: ITV News)

Landfill tax protest descends on parliament

Skip hire firms parked their vehicles outside Parliament today (May 24) in protest against controversial landfill tax changes which sent disposal costs for certain materials rocketing overnight.

London council targets SMEs with trade waste drive

The London Borough of Bexley is embarking on a marketing drive to promote its trade recycling and waste services to local businesses.

Dispatches reporter Morland Sanders

Dispatches lifts the lid on nation's rubbish habits

Waste management companies are set to be scrutinised tonight (October 4) as Channel 4's Dispatches programme investigates how the nation is tackling its growing waste problem.

Fly-tipping research reveals 15% fall in incidents

The number of fly-tipping incidents in England has fallen by 15% over the last year, according to a new survey.

Fly-tipping cases still 'too high' despite year-on-year falls

Incidents of fly-tipping have fallen steeply over the past four years, but the figures are still too high, an environmental group has warned.

Pilot scheme in Ireland aims for quick response to graffiti and fly-tipping

Residents in Dublin will be able to report incidents of illegal fly-tipping and graffiti more easily under a new pilot scheme launched by Environment Minister Phil Hogan last week (2 August).

Wales makes some progress on green targets

New figures show while the Welsh environment is improving many areas show no signs of progress.

Glasgow haulage man fined for illegal soil disposals

Illegally depositing soil on a site in the middle of Glasgow's Commonwealth games regeneration area has resulted in a representative of two haulage companies paying £11,000 in compensation, plus a fine.

The city of Limerick is blighted by illegal waste disposal practices

Limerick set to force residents to sign up for pay-by-weight waste collections

Limerick County Council is seeking to introduce new by-laws to make it compulsory for all households and businesses in the county to have their waste collected.

Cash-strapped councils receive cash boost to combat fly-tipping in Wales

Welsh councils are being given over £800,000 to target the removal of fly-tipped waste from hot spot dumping grounds in Cardiff, Neath Port Talbot and Torfaen.

The alleyway before it was cleared

London launches Olympic clean up drive

London will be swept in a two month clean up aimed at tidying the city ahead of the Olympics and removing potential fire sources.

No rest till recovery: John Neill with a pile of used mattresses

Mattress recycling springs into action with diversion drive

Plans to divert over one million mattresses from landfill by 2012 are underway with the opening of a new recycling facility in Telford.

L to R: Andrew Richmond, GLA; William Payne, Veolia; Nigel Tyrell, Lewisham Council; and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mayor rolls out clean London scheme

Londoners are being urged by Mayor, Boris Johnson, to help keep the capital clean by reporting 'grime-crime' such as graffiti, litter and fly-tipping, using internet and mobile phone technology.

Bill Bryson calls for legal action against railway litter

Author and anti-litter campaigner Bill Bryson has railed against train companies over trash on their tracks.

FOG - are you disposing of yours legally?

A solid waste approach to FOG may be the most effective route, says Clare Pillinger, a consultant working with Anglian Water.

Bedford Borough Council: cracking down on environmental crime

Bedford gets tough on environmental crime

Bedford Borough Council is launching a major new campaign to tackle environmental crime including littering, graffiti and fly-tipping.

Boris Johnson: new bins are

London Mayor tackles Underground litter

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that the number of bins on the Tube network will be increased by 25% by the end of this year.

Council is first to use app to fight illegal waste dumpers

A county council has developed an application for smartphones to instantly identify whether a vehicle is allowed to use its recycling centres.

English flytipping drops by a fifth

Figures released yesterday (September 9) showed flytipping has fallen by a fifth across the country.

There were 14,000 fewer cases of fly-tipping in Wales last year

Fly-tipping down in Wales

New figures published today (9th September) reveal that fly-tipping in Wales is continuing to decline, following investment by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The dead pigeons were thrown into the sea

40 dead pigeons dumped in the sea

The bodies of about 40 dead pigeons have been found dumped in the sea today (August 9) by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Irish taxpayers to foot bill for illegal cross border dumping

The Irish Government is to pay more than €36 million to deal with waste illegally dumped across the border.

Eric Pickles

Pay as you throw plans to be scrapped

Plans to tax residents for the amount of waste they throw away could be scrapped this week.

Prison time for storing tyres

A man who left tyres on his land has been jailed for a year after an investigation by the Environment Agency.

Limerick backs spring clean anti-litter campaign

Limerick County Council, along with An Taisce Ireland's national trust, has announced details of an anti-litter drive.

Londoners invited to flag up grot spots and urban utopias

A website allowing Londoners to highlight well-loved corners of the city - and those that have been left to go to seed - has been launched in the capital.

Keep Britain Tidy survey reveals drop in litter

Keep Britain Tidy's annual local environment quality survey has revealed England's streets are getting cleaner.

Restaurant fined after dumping waste

A restaurant owner has been fined and had his car crushed after an uncover operation revealed he was dumping waste in the street.

Sherwood Forest flytipper not so merry now

A flytipper who dumped waste in Sherwood Forest was not a merry man when his lorry was crushed.

Man caught flytipping seven times in seven months

A midlands man has been fined and ordered to carry out community service after being caught flytipping seven times in as many months.

Flytipper caught on camera

Spy cameras set up to tackle flytipping at a Mansfield beauty spot have helped secure a conviction in the town.

Call for higher fines for polluting firms

Government's environmental watchdog the Environment Agency has called on courts to up fines handed out to polluters as it names the worst hit regions.

Fines double for illegal dumping

Fines for the most serious cases of illegal waste dumping have doubled, according to figures released by the Environment Agency.

Old blankets to be recycled for dog charities

A council campaign aimed at getting students to reuse or recycle unwanted household bedding has been an overwhelming success.

Bumper year for Green Flags

More than 1,000 green spaces have been awarded prestigious Green Flag status this year in what has been one of the most successful years in the scheme's history.

How to comply with building-waste rules

The construction industry produces one third of the UK's waste. This month, the DTI's Site Waste Management Plans come into force in an attempt to curtail this. Kevin Stanley outlines what companies need to do to comply, and how the scheme can in fact save a business money

Northern Ireland takes waste cheats to court

Two separate cases have shown that authorities in Northern Ireland are keen to pursue businesses which breach waste management and disposal laws.

Cross-border talks on illegal dumping

Northern Irish Environment Minister Arlene Foster has had a meeting with her Dublin counterpart, John Gormley, about the problems associated with the return of illegal waste that has been dumped in the northern country.

Retail breaks the rules on waste

In the North-west, 15% of retail businesses admit to taking their waste home to dispose of it - which is against the Duty of Care rules. Here we look at the reasons, and what can be done to educate
Dan Clayton

Liverpool is fly-tipping capital of England

Nearly half of all incidents of fly-tipping reported by local authorities are taking place in the Liverpool area.

Faun sweeps in as Viajet makes UK debut

Faun is already well-known in the UK when it comes to RCVs, but will its Viajet sweepers meet with the same success? Dan Gilkes took to the road in Anglesey to try one out

Green Thunder: Kevin Foster in his whirlybird

Helicopter enlisted to find fly-tips

The authorities in North Cornwall are taking extreme measures in their fight to tackle fly-tipping, making use of a helicopter to spot illegal dumps and catch tippers in the act.

Beach litter has doubled in the UK in just over a decade

British beaches blighted by rubbish

Litter levels on Britain's beaches have almost doubled in the past 12 years, according to environmentalists.

As waste processing becomes more regulated and more costly, there is a danger that waste crime will rise

Zero tolerance for waste crime plea

More resources are needed to investigate serious waste crimes and magistrates need help in understanding the sometimes complex details of environmental crimes.

Pay-by-weight: Lessons learnt in Ireland

County Cork Council has operated a pay-by-weight system for refuse collection since 2003. Enda Kiernan explains how the scheme works and charts its progress to date

Land owners advised on tackling fly tipping

Advice on how to reduce the risks of fly tipping and what can by done by who fall foul of the dumpers despite their best efforts has been published this week.

Fly tipping clampdown for Scotland

Authorities north of the border are having a crack down on fly tippers this week.

ASBOs for dastardly dumpers as EA tightens the noose on fly tipping

Normally reserved for unruly, hoodie-sporting yobs, ASBOs can now be slapped on persistent waste criminals targeted by the Environment Agency.

Tackle fly tipping at source, councils told

Small scale fly tipping is costing the country millions every month, according to data released by Defra this week, and councils are being urged to do more to nip the problem in the bud rather than pick up the tab for expensive clear-up operations.

Is your business taking its environmental impact seriously

With the Environment Agency's A Better Place? report still in mind, Brian Millsom looks at environmental and procurement interactions

The EA can now apply for eco-ASBOs to punish environmental criminals

EA to dish out eco-ASBOs

Environmental criminals such as fly tippers and vandals are to face the same restrictive punishment as anti-social yobs.

Fly tipping costs taxpayer £1m every week

The cost of clearing up after fly tippers is approaching £1 million a week in the UK with a batch of waste being illegally dumped every 35 seconds but new powers will mean those caught dumping waste will have to pay for the job themselves.

Edie environmental legislation summary (May 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser round-up of new policies and recent changes to legislation that will impact the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally: POPs, EU membership, greenhouse gas emissions trading, clean neighbourhoods, hazardous waste regulations, and much more.

The green vote

So just how green are the main political parties? In this election special, Claire Monkhouse finds out

Bill to clean up neighbourhoods becomes law

New powers to help councils clamp down on environmental crime such as fly tipping have become law after the Clean Neighbourhoods Act received Royal Assent.

Environment sidelined as election race begins

The general election race has now officially started and the date for going to the polls announced, to nobody's surprise, as May 5th.

£2 million boost for fly tipping crackdown

A "zero tolerance" programme against fly tippers worth £2 million has been unveiled this week by the Environment Agency (EA) as the latest in a string of recent attempts to crackdown on anti social behaviour.

Web tool launched to catch fly tippers

Rubbish is illegally dumped somewhere in the UK every 35 seconds, according to new figures from Defra revealing the full extent of fly tipping problems.

The way forward

Elaine Coles, head of research at IMS Communications Group, asks whether the Landfill Directive is acting as a barrier to brownfield land redevelopment

Ireland must tackle illegal waste scams, Minister says

Ireland needs a comprehensive programme to tackle growing problems caused by illegal waste activities such as fly tipping, Batt O'Keeffe, TD, stated earlier this week.

Beckett offers choice between positive environmental future and Tory neglect

Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett used her speech at the Labour Party annual conference to highlight the differences between her party's achievements and the years of Tory neglect, this week, although she took care not to promise any real groundbreaking changes to policy herself.

UK business briefs: Toxic Tories, Stable Scottish prices, Sustainable summit, Landfill proposals, New minister, Waste site, Interactive display, New carbon director

The Conservative Party has announced that they would like to slash spending on the environment agency and reduce its staff by 1,286 a 12% cut. Norman Baker MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, said: "This is a polluter's charter and shows the Tories in their true colours which certainly aren't green. A comparison of EU countries shows that we are spending pretty near the average on enforcement of environmental law and people I speak to who are concerned about fly tipping in the countryside, emissions from incinerators, and methane from landfill sites want more enforcement, not less. The last thing Britain's environment needs is a bunch of toxic Tories."

Pest control

Fly-tipping in Birmingham was threatening to get out of hand before Operation Cleansweep. Peter McCrum looks at its success

Law of the land

Scotland has tightened its waste laws and formed a team of specialist environmental prosecutors. Jamie Grant of MacRoberts Solicitors warns business to be aware of the risks

Cash from clean-up

Peter McCrum investigates a land remediation project that has brought a heavily-polluted site back into productive use as housing

How has business behaved?

Darcy Products' John Proctor on environmental performance in 2002

A hazardous undertaking

The UK’s environment agencies have published a document set to change the way hazardous waste is assessed. Jason Rayfield speaks to the Environment Agency about the management and disposal issues for manufacturing industry.

Treading the middle ground

Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.

Treading the middle ground

Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.

Regulations over co-disposal of hazardous waste came into force this week

Landfill regulations could cause hazards for waste disposal

Businesses, green groups and MPs have all issued warnings that the government's bad handling of the landfill regulations, coming into force this week, could lead to problems such as fly tipping of toxic waste, extra business costs and a slowdown of building on brownfield land.

New system to pin point fly tipping hot spots

The Environment Agency is attempting to 'tip the balance on fly tipping', one of England and Wales' most persistent environmental crimes.

Welsh magistrate imprisons man for fly-tipping

A Bridgend Magistrate has sentenced a man to prison for blighting the area for a year with indiscriminate fly-tipping.

MPs say Environment Agency has made little progress in its first years

The Environment Agency's first three and a half years have not been as successful as hoped, concludes a Parliamentary select committee. The committee's report implicitly backs up 'green' groups' criticisms of the EA's first chairman, Lord de Ramsey, who retired last year.

Environment Agency Launches Blueprint for River Avon

The Environment Agency is asking the public for its views on a plan to protect and enhance the Bristol Avon River, its tributaries and surrounds.

New strategy for England's woodlands

The UK Forestry Commission has published a strategy document that sets out how England's woodlands can help to improve the environment, the tourist and leisure industries, the economy and rural development.

NYC uses more pesticide than state farmers

Urban New York counties used more pesticide than rural counties last year, according to a report released by Environmental Advocates and the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Report confirms "excessive pesticides in French water"

Excessive levels of pesticides in French water have been confirmed by a recent report from the national environmental statistics agency IFEN. The report found around 100 substances at varying frequencies and levels, with the main pollutants being herbicides from the Triazine family.

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