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The Greenpeace orchestral protest compares Shell's arctic drilling the Titanic disaster

Greenpeace holds 'Titanic' protest against Shell Arctic oil drilling

Greenpeace has today (3 August) held the opening recital of a month-long run of musical protests against Arctic oil drilling taking place outside Shell's offices in London.

Oil spill clean-up technique offers recovery potential

An inexpensive method of cleaning up oil spills which also recovers oil in the process could soon be developed on a commercial scale.

Businesses in the South Leeds area were asked by the Environment Agency to check their oil and fuel tanks for broken pipes or leaks

Environment Agency finds source of major oil spill

The Environment Agency may have found the source of a major oil spill which covered 13 km of the River Aire between Leeds and Castleford.

Whyte & McKay was found guilty of spilling 19,260 litres of fusel oil into the Cromarty Firth

Scottish distillery operator fined £9,000 following fusel oil spill

Scottish drinks company Whyte and MacKay has been fined £9,000 after a spill from its distillery in Invergordon polluted the Cromarty Firth at Saltburn Pier, said the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

UPDATED: Culprit behind BP hoax revealed

On the eve of the BP AGM in London protest action around oil and gas giants BP has heated up with a hoax press release appearing on a fake London 2012 Olympic Games website stating it has been dropped as a sustainability partner.

Makers of The Famous Grouse fined for watercourse pollution

Highland Distillers was fined £15,000 after pleading guilty to failing to comply with the conditions of its water use licence following a diesel spill into a nearby watercourse.

Full extent of BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster emissions revealed

More than 2m kilograms of black carbon poured into the atmosphere over the nine weeks of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, research has revealed for the first time.

An artist's impression of the cap being lowered into place

'Major step forward' as oil spill cap unveiled at SPE Offshore Europe 2011

An oil well cap built specifically for British waters has been hailed as a 'major step forward' by energy minister Charles Hendry.

New deal to prevent another Deepwater Horizon disaster

A new deal will see the chances of another Deepwater Horizon type oil spill dramatically cut, according to the two companies involved.

Funding set to prevent future Gulf of Mexico tragedies

A $7M grant will see a group of environmental organisations study the impact of the Deep Water Horizon blast on the Gulf of Mexico.

Government says worst over for North Sea oil spill

The man charged with overseeing the clean-up of the worst oil spill in UK waters for a decade has backed clean up work.

Scottish Government launches investigation into Shell oil spill

The Scottish Government has launched an investigation to establish the cause of the UK's worst oil leak in 10 years.

Bakery causes vegetable oil spill in River Avon

A bakery company spilled 5,000 litres of rapeseed oil, resulting in 800 litres of the oil polluting the River Avon.

Credit: Steve Morgan / Greenpeace

Arrests after Arctic drilling protest

Activists from Greenpeace were arrested over the weekend after protesting about Arctic drilling.

A Greenpeace protest outside BP's London HQ last year

BP pays millions following another oil spill

BP's oil smeared image took another knock today (May 4) after it paid millions of dollars for its involvement in another oil spill.

Bryon Encalade speaks before going into BP's AGM

BP 'wasting' compensation money

An oyster fisherman whose family business was ruined by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill told BP's AGM its compensation funds were being 'wasted'.

Tracy Kuhns speaking before going into BP's AGM

Gulf residents still ill from oil spill

The wife of fisherman told BP investors her community was being 'killed' in the aftermath of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

An earlier protest against BP in the USA

BP executives face Gulf of Mexico protester's wrath

A wave of protests are expected as BP's top executives gather in London today (April 14) in London's Excel.

Oil leak disaster threatens penguins

An oil leak in Tristan da Cunha UK overseas territory in the South Atlantic is threatening a colony of penguins.

New rules to stop oil leaks

New regulations for the storage of oil and waste oils have come into force in Northern Ireland.

Shell's earnings double for 2010

Oil giant Shell demonstrated the vast wealth of the oil industry as it announced a doubling of earnings this morning (February 3).

UK deepwater drilling moratorium 'not necessary'

MPs have said deep sea drilling in the UK should not be suspended but have raised serious doubts about the UK's ability to deal with oil spill disasters.

BP oil spill report blames poor management

The Commission investigating the BP oil spill has found BP and other companies guilty of complacency and blames cost cutting and poor management and engineering decisions.

MP support for UK deep-water drilling

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will publish its report on 'UK Deepwater Drilling - Implications of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill' on Thursday (6 January).

BP oil spill Chandeleur Islands, courtesy Jeffrey Warren

US launches lawsuit against BP

A lawsuit has been filled against BP for damages following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the worst environmental disaster in US history.

Swans were left  covered in oil but have since recovered

Firm washed oil down drains and into rivers

An insulation firm has been fined after letting accidentally spilt oil pour down a drain.

HSE: waste and recycling deaths and injuries are still too high

High injury rate persists according to HSE figures

Fatal and major injury rates in the waste and recycling sector are still more than four times the industry average, according to latest figures from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Firm behind gulf well cement denies blast blame

A firm blamed for cement work which could have led to the worst environmental disaster in US history has denied it was to blame.

Oil giant settles in hazardous waste case

Oil giant ExxonMobil has agreed to settle a case brought by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) involving more than 1billion gallons of illegally stored hazardous waste.

Greenpeace protesters block oil drilling ship

A drilling ship off the coast of Scotland has been forced to stop after Greenpeace activists blocked its route.

BP claims 'series of failures' led to the Gulf of Mexico tragedy

A report released by BP yesterday (September 8) finds decisions made by 'multiple companies and work teams' contributed to the accident which killed 11 people and caused widespread pollution in the Gulf of Mexico earlier.

Demolition company fined over oil leak

A court has ordered a demolition company to pay more than £10,000 for polluting a Northamptonshire brook with oil.

BP making progress on well plug

Oil giant BP has cleared the first hurdle in its attempts to plug the Gulf of Mexico leak for good and put a disastrous episode behind it.

Fears BP oil spill cash being taken by conmen

Oil giant BP could have paid out millions of pounds to fraudsters after US authorities began investigating fraudulent compensations claims following the Gulf of Mexico spill.

Inspection spotlight falls on ageing North Sea rigs

Ageing oil and gas rigs in the North Sea will undergo safety checks in a bid to avoid 'serious consequences'.

Happy birthday Mr President as BP spill end 'close'

US President Barack Obama had more than usual to celebrate on his birthday as BP begins permanently sealing the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Another American oil spill - 800,000 gallons leak into Michigan river

A burst pipeline has spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil into a waterway in America's North East.

BP's Gulf of Mexico spill officially worse in US history

Oil spewing from BP's crippled oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has created the world's largest accidental offshore spill and the worst crude related accident in US history.

Greenpeace map of closed garages

BP's CEO to quit as Greenpeace close London petrol garages

BP's under-fire chief executive Tony Haywood will leave the firm he has been with for 26 years in October.

Bookies pay out as BP CEO's future looks bleak

BP is holding a board meeting today (26 July) which could end in its chief executive stepping down.

The Three Gorges Dam

New dam slows devastating China floods

China's newest dam appears to have slowed high waters which have killed more than 700 people across the country this year alone.

Green groups urge suspension of Arctic oil drilling

Environmental groups have called for the suspension of offshore drilling in the Arctic in the aftermath of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Protesters march against BP in the US

BP finally caps Gulf of Mexico spill

BP has capped the Gulf of Mexico oil spill at least for the time being, it announced last night (July 15).

JR dumps oil for solar

Larry Hagman, who starred as oil magnate JR Ewing in the long-running TV series Dallas, has filmed his first advert for a solar panel company.

BP finally caps Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Last night BP finally fitted a cap to the top of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak in the latest attempt to stop crude pouring into the sea.

BP's Tate sponsorship a 'stain' on the arts

A leading professional organisation for people working in the sustainable water industry is demanding museums and galleries turn their back on BP's millions.

Obama calls for BP funded oil compensation cash

President Barack Obama is to demand BP puts a 'substantial' amount of cash into a fund for victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

DECC doubles drilling inspections following Gulf of Mexico disaster

Energy minister Charles Hendry is due to outline plans today (June 8) to double the amount of inspections of the UK's oil drilling sites.

A screen grab of the webcam footage

Watch the oil spill live on BP's website

Want to see oil and debris gushing out of a pipe at the bottom of the sea? Then log on to BP's website, where the company has set up a webcam charting its efforts to control the spill.

BP rebranded in Greenpeace protest

Two activists from Greenpeace have breached security at BP's London head quarters to rebrand the company as 'British Polluters'.

Methanol poured into Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Robots have attached a pipe to the end of a leaking oil well 5000 feet underwater in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP CEO Tony Haywood

Bookies offer just 8/11 on BP boss keeping job

As British Petroleum fights to stop oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico its embattled chief executive was dealt another blow with bookmakers offering poor odds on him still being in post at Christmas.

Wanted: hair - Gulf oil slick campaigners plea

A grassroots organisation is leading a Facebook campaign calling for any spare hair to help stem the spread of the vast oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

clean up efforts continue

BP fails to drop containment dome on Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Efforts to place a containment dome over an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico were stopped at the weekend and a smaller one is now being built.

Booms are set to protect nature reserves along the US coast

BP prepares to drop 'containment dome' on Gulf of Mexico oil spill

British Petroleum has stopped oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico from one of three leaks.

Mr Obama visits the coast of the Gulf of Mexico during the weekend

BP not slowing oil leak in Gulf of Mexico as Obama demands it takes 'full responsibility'

US president Barack Obama has demanded BP takes full responsibility for the 'unprecedented' oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

moss - the perfect sponge?

Gardeners team up with scientists to market moss as 'oil sponge'

A Norwegian compost company has changed its tack after teaming up with scientists to exploit the super-absorbent qualities of its peat moss mixture.

Battle to stop leaks after oil rig fire

BP is preparing to drill relief wells to 'permanently secure' an oil well blasted open by an accident which has left 11 people presumed dead.

Oil rig sinks off US coast

An explosion has caused an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to collapse and sink, resulting in what looks likely to be one of the worst spills in years.

Chinese ship leaking oil on Great Barrier Reef

A Chinese ship that strayed off course has caused a major oil slick in Australia's Great Barrier Reef marine park.

Australians 'committed' to following oil spill recommendations

A year on from the devastating Pacific Adventurer oil spill Australian authorities have said they're 'committed' to implementing recommendations from two reports into the disaster's clean up.

Firm fined for oil spill

A corroded tank leaked oil on to land and contaminated a nearby water course.

Australia hikes taxes to pay for pollution

Shipping companies using Australian waters will be forced to pay extra maritime taxes to help pay for the clean-up of a major pollution incident.

Oil spill was 'malicious vandalism'

Birds have been covered in about 50 litres of oil dumped at a beauty spot in an act of 'malicious vandalism'.

Multi-million BP clean-up contract agreed

British Petroleum will spend $34m to clean up land polluted through its oil work.

Oil slick remains two decades on

Devastation wrought by oil leaking from a stricken tanker two decades ago is still causing contamination.

3000 barrels of oil leak from pipeline

Almost 130,000 gallons or the equivalent of 3,000 barrels of crude has leaked from an American oil pipe.

Energy company handed £20,000 fine for diesel spill

A power company has been fined £20,000 for a diesel spill that polluted a Scottish loch resulting in a "devastating" impact on the environment.

US anti-oil spill measures changed

The environment watchdog in America has finalised changes to rules intended to stop industrial oil spills polluting the nation's waterways.

Chevron fined for Dorset oil spill

Oil giant Chevron has been ordered to pay £11,500 following a diesel leak at its Poole terminal that put a nature reserve at risk of pollution.

Australia ties oil spill company into long term eco-agreement

The company responsible for a major oil leak off the Australian coast earlier in the year has agreed to fund a programme monitoring the spills' environmental impacts for at least two years.

The site just after the spill last December

Ash spill clean-up moving faster than expected

The recovery from what was billed as America's worst environmental disaster appears to be progressing faster than anticipated.

Australia ravaged by oil spill

An oil spill off the coast of Western Australia will take weeks to clean up, according to official estimates.

Ten companies fined in oil spill crackdown

Ten firms have been hit with fines after being caught flouting environmental laws on oil storage.

Oil sand extraction a 'toxic' investment

Taking oil from tar sands could prove a 'toxic' investment for international oil companies amid falling oil prices, experts say

Waste - Europe

The European Court of Justice has drawn its initial conclusions on an oil spillage incident dating back to 1999.

France looks to Brussels for waste definition

The legal status of spilled oil - and whether it might be considered waste - is to be considered by the European courts.

More than a million people took part in the clean-up operation

Oil slick destroys underwater plants

Marine life on Korea's west coast has been devastated by the oil spill that hit the region in December, according to a government report.

Buncefield blast leads to tighter fuel storage regs

Large oil and fuel storage sites will need to improve their safety standards to protect the public and environment following an investigation into the lapses that led to the Buncefield disaster.

The Ice Prince ran into difficulty in stormy weather last week

Sunken cargo ship raises pollution fears

Maritime and coastal authorities were on high alert last week after oil leaked from a cargo vessel that sank in the English Channel during rough weather.

Ducks suffer in Russian oil spill

WWF members have accused Russian authorities of being slow to respond to an oil spill in a Moscow river.

Oil tank testing could cut spills

Pollution professionals are calling for regular testing of oil storage tanks, akin to an MoT, in a bid to reduce unnecessary and avoidable spills.

Nearly 60,000 gallons of oil leaked from the Cosco Busan

High tides could spread oil spill

High tides in San Francisco Bay this weekend could further spread oil which leaked from a stricken tanker and wash it into previously unaffected areas, state and federal agencies have warned.

Crimean storm causes environmental disaster

A storm in the Crimea has sunk four freighters and an oil tanker, spilling thousands of tonnes of fuel oil, sparking fears of a major environmental disaster.

MSPs support block of ship-to-ship oil transfers

New powers enabling ministers to freeze plans for a controversial oil shipment were backed yesterday by Scottish politicians from all sides.

Oil companies must pay spills - Philippines

The Filipino government has introduced a law which will require all major companies which ship oil through the island nation's waters to pay into a fund which can be used to tackle future spills.

Greeks warn against delay in tackling shipwreck

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Santorini is a popular tourist destination enjoyed for its natural beauty

Oil spill fears as Greek liner sinks

Wildlife and tourism are likely to be affected after a cruise ship carrying hundreds of tons of oil went down off the coast of the Aegean island cluster Santorini.

Buncefield investigators urge higher safety standards

The committee investigating the Buncefield depot fire called for higher safety safety standards and environmental protection at fuel sites and refineries in the UK in its latest report, published on Thursday.

Divers to investigate Prestige wreck

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Finland ill-prepared for spill

One third of Finland's oil-spill fighting fleet is out of action because there are no crew for the ships, an official has said.

Whaling ship threatens Antarctica oil spill

Fears of an oil spill in the pristine Antarctic wilderness mounted this week as a Japanese whaling ship stranded in the Southern Ocean following an accident prepared to move away from the area using its own motors.

Shipwreck beach re-opened

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More containers lost from Napoli wreck

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New York to sue Exxon over 50-year-old spill

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Scottish Greens fight to block ship-to-ship oil transfer

Green politicians in the Scottish Parliament are again trying to highlight the environmental risks that come with allowing ship-to-ship transfer of oil off the Scottish coast.

Surfers are vulnerable to marine pollution incidents

Surfers warned to take care near Napoli wreck site

Surfers and others who use the sea for recreation are being advised to take care on the south coast in the wake of the MSC Napoli disaster.

Maximum penalty for Songhua polluter

The company responsible for the notorious 2005 benzene spill in China's Songhua River has been given the maximum fine allowed under environmental law.

Guillemots have made up the bulk of the birds affected by the oil

Shipwreck presents environmental headache

While looters may have stolen the headlines along with the cargo of the stricken MSC Napoli, the environmental impacts of the shipwreck could be felt well after the mainstream media loses interest.

Oil spill as Russian train derails

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