Filter Belts

Filter Belts - Micronics offers a full range of filter belts including; woven constructions of monofilament, spun, multifilament and combination yarns with various surface finishes and jointing systems. Weave designs, fiber choice and special finishing techniques are used to enhance the filtration and cake release characteristics of our materials.

Filter Belts

Our services or aftermarket departments which are based at all of our locations will be pleased to support any clients specific requirements.

Our objective is to maintain prominence in the field of filtration and dewatering by continuing to develop innovative technical products and providing unparalleled service to our valued customers.


Our UK facility operates from its own manufacturing premises with fully employed professional personal & manufacturing support team. We are a true international company with total support from our parent company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, America. Our Filter belt designs are based on proven methods but can be modified to suit your clients’ needs and match existing equipment where required.


We supply the belt press consumable - filter belts which in most cases are cut & tailored to suit your individual requirements. 


Our fully qualified engineers and technicians are available to carry out service, maintenance and process optimisation on all types and makes of belt presses.

We can also provides service maintenance of all press installations and their associated equipment; feed pumps and dosing systems etc.

Given all this we believe we stand apart and above other press suppliers and would welcome the opportunity to prove this claim to your company.


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