Telemetry SaaS, providing web-hosted telemetry data

Our bureau service is a web-hosted telemetry software as a service product; it is a quick, cost-effective and simple way to set up and maintain a telemetry system without the need for a large supporting IT infrastructure.

Telemetry SaaS, providing web-hosted telemetry data

Our Bureau Service is an alternative solution for organisations wanting a telemetry system without having to maintain the resources and infrastructure themselves. We can offer a company access to the telemetry data whenever it is needed via the web. The service is modular and flexible and is tailored to a company's needs.

The Bureau Service also offers significant cost benefits over traditional telemetry arrangements. As the telemetry data is provided as a service, the costs are fixed annually, regardless of maintenance issues and there are no licensing agreements. Service levels are fully flexible or can fall within three packaged solutions; Bronze, Silver and Gold, each offering increasing levels of data access.

In all instances, there is no need to maintain spares or provide specialist training for staff and any enhancements and fixes are automatically rolled out to all bureau customers as part of the service. By taking advantage of our long-established expertise and its existing telemetry infrastructure, total costs for each customer site are significantly reduced.

Key features:

* A wide range of flexible, tailor-made options

* Managed servers; no internal IT support or management required

* Access to information 24/7

* Cost benefits

* Full configuration option ensures that the correct data is collected when it is


Alternatively for customers looking for cost-effective packaged solutions, there are three options available:

* Bronze - the information is transferred to the customer by email, file format and frequency of data transfer can be pre-determined

* Silver - full access to the web-hosted system

* Gold - full access to the web-hosted system, as well as control options and full configuration control

Additionally, any or all of the following items can be included in a competitive package tailored to your needs, they can be purchased outright or leased from us:

* RTUs

* Sensors

* Onsite communications hardware

* Ancillary equipment

* Installation

Managed Servers

We provide and maintain the telemetry system and communications infrastructure. Telemetry data is available from anywhere in the world through our secure website with no IT support or management to worry about.

Service level agreements vary according to system availability and can be priced on the number of sites or points on the telemetry system.

Very High Availability

The telemetry system is hosted in a high availability, dedicated IT support centre, providing 24/7 access to business critical applications.

Cost Benefits

Once a package is agreed, costs are fixed, regardless of maintenance issues, enhancements or fixes. There is therefore no need to maintain spares or have trained staff in-house. The total cost for each site is significantly reduced by utilising our infrastructure and experience.

Historical Data

Access to long-term historical data, right back to the time of installation for each site is a standard feature.

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