Carbon Filter Housing for Ducted Systems

The AAC Swiftpack System is a low-cost Carbon Filter housing designed to enable the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters to be fitted in new or existing ducted systems.

Carbon Filter Housing for Ducted Systems

This robust, low-cost housing is suitable for use in a range of applications including: Wastewater and Sewage Odour Treatment, Commercial Kitchen Extract Systems, Airport Terminal Buildings, Indoor Air Pollution Mitigation, Fume Cupboard Exhausts, Solvent Fume Removal in Paint Factories and Spray Booths and Air Quality Management in Museums & Galleries.

Key Benefits:

·        Incorporate AAC PR™ plastic refillable Carbon Filter trays

·        Pre-filtration and after filtration capability

·        Hinged or removable side access door/panel

·        Air tight, brush pile seals on filter slides prevent air by-pass

·        Modular configurations for larger units

·        CNC production method provides uniform product construction

·        CNC punched hole flanges for accurate ductwork connection

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