Bag Opening Machinery

Bag opening machine that opens plastic (waste) bags efficiently (approximately 98%), keeping the material inside the bags intact. This sturdy machine is highly suitable for effective opening of bags. Defining features of the Bag Opener are its simplicity and efficiency.

Bag Opening Machinery

This limits user and maintenance costs to the absolute minimum. The Bag Opener may be fed from a conveyor belt, grabber or shovel. The bags fall onto a drum fitted with hammers. The helical placement of the hammers allows for maximum impact from each hammer. The slowly revolving drum takes the material along an adjustable comb which is also fitted with sturdy hammers.

The space between the comb and the drum can be easily adjusted by means of spindles. This makes it easy to process several types of material; large bags, small bags, bales of material, fine material etc. After opening the bags, the material will fall from the bottom of the machine onto a conveyor or into a chute.

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