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November 2018

November 2017

In practice: Oxford University Hospitals' money-saving CHP retrofit

Oxford University Hospitals benefited from a finance procurement system that partnered the Trust with companies that could replace aging heat and power infrastructure with a combined heat and power system that would generate massive economic savings.

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The Kigali Amendment: Time for retailers to create the business case for a HFC phase-out

The UK ratified the Kigali amendment on harmful hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) greenhouse gases last week, but building the business case to switch to costly alternatives requires a delicate approach.

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In practice: Guadalajara's 12,000 LED street light retrofit from Philips

Philips Lighting has this week completed a LED retrofit across the Spanish City of Guadalajara that will help the city council realise huge energy efficiency and carbon savings.

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· The needs of the many: Why Fibria's corporate plan has transformed to a 'shared value' approach

· Test-bed: Driving economic growth through a remanufacturing business model

· In practice: James Cropper's upcycling solution for the coffee cup conundrum

November 2014

Talkin' 'bout Y Generation: sustainable higher education

By their very nature, universities are perfectly equipped for research and teaching, and as institutions they are tasked with training the world's future leaders. So how can they help in the fight against climate change?

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Sustainable food systems: Alternative recipes to feed the 9 billion

With food security riding high on policymakers' agenda in the wake of the global food crisis, edie has come across some of the more alternative methods of feeding an estimated nine billion people, including seaweed farms, cockroaches, drones and 3D printers...

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Edie explains: Materiality assessments

In this week's 'edie explains' we've brought together everything you need to know about materiality assessments and what they might mean for your business.

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· Edie explains: Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

· Plastic bag tax: is the future of polythene surprisingly green?

· Edie explains: Feed-in Tariffs

November 2009

Keep the water flowing

Supply contracts including the Glastonbury Festival and Great Dorset Steam Fair have helped to make Wincanton one of the UK's largest bulk water suppliers. And, as Dean Stiles hears, its huge fleet means it can manage emergencies too.

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Ultrasonics - an accurate and cost-effective solution

With powerful microprocessing and improved echo recognition, ultrasonic level instruments are essential for today's water industry applications, says Peter Ward.

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Sex, the City and nature

We can trust market economics to reveal the true value of chewing gum and Ferraris - but should take care with more complex matters such as conservation, writes Barrie Clarke

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· UK environmentalists dub climate talks 'longest suicide note in history'

· Cornish dimension

· Plastic? It's just fantastic

· Three steps to success

· Edie's new improved consultancy survey - what's changed?

· It's time for bold action from businesses and world leaders

· Collaborating on carbon