News Release: VRM Pump at Itchen Bank

EMS Industries Ltd has recently commissioned one of it's VRM mechanically powered sludge ram pumps at Severn Trent's Itchen Bank Sewage Treatment Works to transfer sludge from a thickener to a holding tank.

Historically, this application has always caused problems for Severn Trent, as they were unable to source a pump that would draw the thick sludge (12% ds) through the suction pipe work continuously without cavitating and subsequently failing.

The VRM pump at Itchen Bank has now been operating successfully for the past 6 months. The secret of the success is in the slow, gentle pumping action which can create up to 9 metres suction head.

The VRM pump manufactured and installed by EMS features an electric motor driving though a reduction gearbox to a crankshaft, connecting rod and piston assembly (very much like an upside down internal combustion egine). The piston, which is directly connected to the sludge ram, slides up and down inside a lubriacted housing and imparts a direct, vertical motion to the sludge ram. The piston sliding inside the lubricated housing sustains all the lateral forces that arise as a result of the eccentric crankshaft motion. This ensures that the lateral forces are not transferred to the sludge ram and ram seals, thereby allowing a very long pump stroke, whilst extending the expected working life of both the ram and sludge seals.

The pump has been specified with a selctable two speed option for summer or winter flow rates.

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