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December 2018

The webinar will be available to watch on demand

Sky and Cranswick confirmed for edie's single-use plastics webinar

edie is bringing together a selection of leading retailers, manufacturers and circular economy experts for a special one-hour webinar taking place on Thursday 17 January to discuss how business can collaborate, innovate and actuate to eliminate single-use plastics.

Drax Group, which commissioned the research, recently began its six-month CCS pilot scheme in Yorkshire (pictured)

Report: UK among nations leading the world's low-carbon transition

When it comes to implementing policies and fostering corporate leadership ambitions which help reduce emissions and mitigate the negative effects of climate change, the UK has adopted a leadership position that is second only to Denmark.

The deal matures in 2023, with extension options to 2025

Thames Water £1.4bn loan deal links interest rates to sustainability performance

Thames Water has signed a £1.4bn five-year revolving credit facility (RCF), with the interest rate linked to annual performance against sustainability indicators.

The STA expects the pipeline of large-scale solar projects to grow significantly in 2019, partly due to a global surplus of photovoltaic solar panels.

Large-scale solar costs expected to fall below £40/MWh by 2030

The cost of large-scale solar generation is expected to fall below £40/MWh by 2030, according to the latest assessment by the Solar Trade Association (STA).

This seven-page guide provides an end-to-end overview of the various EfW technolgies and their uses

Maximising the power of Energy-from-Waste: edie launches free business guide

Organisations seeking to capitalise on the sustainability benefits offered by Energy-from-Waste (EfW) now have access to a new edie Explains guide which breaks down everything you need to know about deploying EfW solutions across business operations.

The participating companies will measure the cost savings brought about by the installation of

UK network operators unveil new measures to boost flexibility

The UK's six local electricity network operators have jointly committed to set new requirements for all new network infrastructure to include "smart" flexibility services, as more renewable arrays come online nationwide.

Businesses are responding to regulators and investors putting pressure of firms to disclose their sustainability practices, HSBC claims

HSBC: Businesses turning the screw on supply chain sustainability

A third of global businesses are looking to improve the sustainability of their supply chains over the next three years, according to an extensive new survey from HSBC.

Merlin Entertainments operates more than 120 attractions worldwide, including 32 in the UK

Merlin Entertainments switches to 100% renewable electricity for UK attractions

Legoland, Sea Life and Madame Tussauds operator Merlin Entertainments is now sourcing 100% renewably-generated electricity across its UK attractions, after signing a supply deal with green power firm Ecotricity.

Glitter is made up of tiny pieces of plastic, which can end up in the water where they are difficult to break down

Waitrose targets glitter phase-out by 2020

Waitrose has pledged to phase out glitter from its own-label cards, wrap, crackers, tags, flowers and plants, as part of plans to reduce the impact of plastics on the environment.

This weekly round-up explores how businesses across the world are ramping up efforts across all areas of sustainable development

Just Eat's e-scooters and solar-powered smart homes: The sustainability success stories of the week

As part of our Mission Possible campaign, edie brings you this weekly round-up of five of the best sustainability success stories of the week from across the globe.

December 2017

This should be a year to remember for the green economy, for all the right reasons

Five reasons to be cheerful about the green economy in 2018

From heightened corporate investment in clean energy sources, to an accelerated shift towards resource efficiency and new environmental legislation, we look at some of the major reasons to be optimistic about the outlook of the green economy in 2018.

Ministers agreed to pursue the Commission’s proposed 27% 2030 target, despite calls from the Parliament, business leaders and environmental groups for more ambition

EU ministers stumble towards joint position on future energy laws

Energy ministers on Monday (18 December) took well over 15 hours to agree common positions on four clean energy draft pieces of EU legislation ahead of a final round of talks in 2018 with the European Parliament and Commission.

While keeping one eye on the present, edie has scanned the horizons to identify six broad innovation areas that could be set to ignite in 2018

Horizon scanning: Six innovations set to shake-up sustainability in 2018

Following a year of steady progress for the green economy, edie scans the horizons to highlight six key areas where innovation could make big strides in 2018.

The vans have been fitted with hardware to remotely monitor environmental emissions performance, driving range and the amount of electricity consumed

Electric van trials helped deliver Christmas presents to Londoners

Electric vans helped deliver an average of 80,000 parcels a week across London during the Christmas period, as the city's Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to combat rising air pollution in the capital.

The bank worked with ESG research providers Sustainalytics to create the framework

Barclays updates green bonds to capture 'compelling' economic opportunity

Barclays has signified its shift towards a low-carbon economy, by announcing a set of green finance products that will help promote sustainability in the UK and across the globe.

Schneider Electric’s commitment to the EP100 initiative will see the company double its energy productivity by 2030 against a 2005 baseline

Schneider Electric joins RE100 and EP100 initiatives

Energy and automation company Schneider Electric has signed up to the Climate Group's RE100 initiative to source renewable energy and the EP100 initiative to double energy productivity by 2030.

Around £13bn of food is wasted in the UK, but only 17% of edible surplus food is currently being redistributed. Image: Nestle

Nestlé to redistribute site-level food waste set aside for animal feed

A new initiative from Nestlé and food redistribution organisation Company Shop could increase the amount of food redistributed from UK operations by two million meals annually, by using site assessments to reduce waste at its source.

Environmental regulations can act as an important tool to support business innovation and competitiveness, the report finds

Well-designed green regulations support business growth, study finds

The economic benefits of strong environmental regulations far outweigh the associated compliance costs, a new report from the Aldersgate Group has concluded.

Corbyn backs MP pension divestment as business leaders call for improved climate disclosure

A group of 100 MPS, including Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and the the Green Party's Caroline Lucas, have called for a £612m pension fund to divest from fossil fuels, while leading chief financial officers have endorsed the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

China’s scheme will instantly overtake Europe’s carbon market as the world’s biggest cap-and-trade system

What can we learn from China's launch of the world's largest carbon market?

China has today (19 December) signalled its intent to address climate change with the launch of the world's largest carbon market.

December 2014

More than 200,000 'EkoFunnels' and 'Fat Traps' will be available at participating Waitrose stores and sent out with Sainsbury's online deliveries

Supermarkets come together to fight the festive fat

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. But Sainsbury's and Waitrose are keen for that fat to cause less pain in the drains this year with the launch of a nationwide initiative to reduce sewer blockages and increase recycling of festive feast generates.

Cameron claims the public is 'fed up' with onshore wind energy

Cameron pushes for removal of onshore windfarm subsidies

David Cameron claimed on Tuesday the public was "fed up" with onshore windfarms and said the country did not need any more subsidised turbines on land now that the energy source was capable of providing 10% of UK energy.

The data reveals a 2.5% reduction in CO2 associated with food and packaging waste

Video Hospitality industry reaps benefits of reducing food waste

Hotels, restaurants and pubs across the UK have saved more than £10m by together committing to reduce food waste as part of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA).

Sustainability stats special: The year in numbers

In a special edition of the Week in Numbers (or the WiNs as it's known around here), edie has rounded up the big figures from 2014 to encapsulate the ups-and-downs of the industry.

Reducing GHG emissions and adaptation to unavoidable impacts are complementary actions both needed to cope with climate change

EEA: Transport sector must reduce emissions and adapt to climate change impacts

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transport sector must continue to fall considerably to meet targets over coming decades.


IEMA: Urgent action needed to fill sustainability skills gap

The business world is facing a 'perfect storm' of rising energy costs, shrinking water supplies and extreme weather events - but these issues can only be mitigated by a workforce trained for the sustainable economy.

In 2013, Mr Pickles approved 81.25% of housing schemes compared with only 28.6% of renewable energy projects

Stop meddling in onshore wind projects, renewables sector tells Pickles

Secretary of State Eric Pickles has been sharply criticised by the renewable energy industry for delaying the approval of many onshore wind energy developments in which he has intervened.

ICAI has given the Fund a green-amber rating which means the programme performs relatively well overall

International Climate Fund 'relatively good' but 'must be improved'

The UK's International Climate Fund is making an impact but needs to involve the private sector, according to a recent report by the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI).

Sustainability stats: The week in numbers (5/12/2014)

In the latest edition of our popular series, edie takes a look-back at some of the fascinating figures from the worlds of energy, waste and water.

Experts disagree about the potential impact of fracking on the water supply

Report: Businesses 'surprisingly relaxed' about water impacts of fracking

Key stakeholders in the use and procurement of shale gas appear unconcerned about the potential impacts of fracking on water pollution and water resources, according to a new report from a sustainability consultancy firm.

December 2009

The O2 Arena in Greenwich part of the Thames Gateway

Tories put off decision on Thames Gateway

Funding problems for Arab investors and a possible U-turn by the Conservatives makes for interesting times in Europe's largest regeneration zone.

Simon Hughes

UK officials flying to COP15 'extraordinary'

The Liberal Democrats shadow energy and climate change secretary has attacked ministers and Government officials for flying to environmental talks in Copenhagen.

Student competition seeks to boost Irish recycling markets

A government-funded body set up to reduce waste and stimulate recycling in Ireland is hoping to tap into the ingenuity of the country's students to build new markets for old materials.

Water bills to remain stagnant as industry fears investment collapse

Water industry regulator Ofwat has blocked plans by some water companies to increase charges and in fact ordered bills to be cut.

Sir Paul

McCartney tells EU 'less meat = less heat'

Wrinkly rocker Sir Paul McCartney will tell the European Parliament that eating less meat equals less heat.

COP15 delegates need to talk more poo

Delegates thrashing out carbon savings need to think more about what they're flushing down the loo, according to a leading climate change manager.

Spanish call for help for vultures to clear waste

Rules on the disposal of animal carcasses should be loosed to encourage Spain's vulture population to grow, according to leading scientists in the country.

Australian government finds further $270m for Murray-Darling water

The Australian government has announced plans to buy back more water from farms throughout the parched Murray-Darling river basin.

Leaders expected to stay in Copenhagen beyond Friday

News in Brief

Africa's first carbon credit scheme

Africa's first carbon credit scheme launches in the wake of Copenhagen and aims protects the continents rain forests.