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November 2016

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Statement speech to a lively House of Commons this afternoon, but it contained little to get excited about

Autumn Statement 2016: Chancellor confirms carbon price floor freeze and low-carbon transport funding

Philip Hammond has confirmed that the UK's carbon price floor will be capped through to 2020, and announced £390m of new funding for low-carbon transport, as the Chancellor delivered his first - and last - Autumn Statement on behalf of the UK Government.

More than half of UK consumers said that they would feel

Consumer demand for green products 'reaching a tipping point'

Companies that clearly demonstrate the climate credentials of their products could gain a significant competitive and commercial advantage, according to a new report which reveals that two thirds of consumers across the UK, France and Germany would now like to see a recognisable carbon footprint label on goods.

Policies to bring the world on to a 2C trajectory must be implemented as a matter of urgency if the Paris pledge is to be fulfilled, the IEA said

Paris climate deal at risk unless countries step up plans, says watchdog

The Paris agreement on climate change risks failure unless countries come forward with more ambitious and detailed plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the world's energy watchdog has warned.

A roadmap produced by the ocean energy sector for the EU has identified the investment required for wave and tidal energy to provide 10% of the EU’s power demand by 2050

EU prepares £400m funding for maritime and ocean energy sectors

The European Union (EU) is set to provide around £412m to support sustainable shipbuilding and ocean energy projects across the continent.

Research has discovered that only four London boroughs out of the 32 are above the national domestic recycling average of 44.9%

London support scheme launched to help SMEs scale up circular business models

As research reveals that almost 90% of London boroughs have fallen below the national average for household recycling, a new business support programme has been launched to enable SMEs in the capital to adopt and scale up circular business models.

Stella McCartney was the guest of honour at the 2016 Kering Talk, which brought together more than 400 fashion students and industry professionals at the London College of Fashion

Stella McCartney: Fashion is literally getting away with murder

British fashion designer Stella McCartney has called on clothing manufacturers to take more responsibility for the environmental impact of the products they produce and stop the "unglamorous" sourcing of unsustainable and unethical products.

The report arrives as ministers and delegates enter the second week of discussions at the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech. Photo: UNClimateChange/flickr

Global emissions flatline for third consecutive year

A new report has today (14 November) revealed that global carbon emissions growth stalled for the third year in a row, but concerns remain that reduction efforts are inadequate to meet the global warming target of "well below 2C".

A detailed new analysis from the STA argues that since most support for large-scale solar has been removed in the last year

STA calls for 'modest government intervention' for solar

New research has shown that the current financing for large scale solar PV schemes in the UK is no longer economically viable.

The telecoms business hopes to achieve these savings through utilising high-tech solutions and tackling emissions across its supply chain

Telefonica expects to save €90m through new energy efficiency measures

Multinational broadband and telecommunications provider Telefonica has announced its global Energy and Climate Change objectives for 2020, which will aim to introduce several energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that will save the company around €90m.

Transport is responsible for around a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the single biggest emitting sector in the continent

Diesel vehicles burnt almost half of Europe's palm oil in 2015

The share of Europe's imported palm oil being used up by diesel cars and trucks has reached an all-time-high, despite further evidence of its harmful environmental effects, according to a new report from an independent industry forecasting group.

November 2015

The European Parliament has already achieved an emissions reduction of 27.2 % since 2006, en route to a 2020 target of a 30% reduction by 2030

European Parliament to become first carbon neutral EU institution

The European Parliament will become the first EU institution to be 100% carbon neutral as of 2016, thanks to a carbon offsetting programme.

edie editor Luke Nicholls with ClimateCare's Edward Morello

edie backs 'clean cooking' through emissions offset partnership

edie is supporting the rollout of efficient cooking stoves in the developing world thanks to a partnership with ClimateCare.

The potential costs of marine litter in Europe have been estimated at about €700m a year

EU drops food waste and marine litter reduction targets, leak reveals

The EU has dropped a plan to pressure countries into cutting food waste and marine litter by nearly a third, documents seen by the Guardian show.

Britain's household energy efficiency is among the worst anywhere in Europe

British public eager for Green Deal replacement

Up to 84% of the British public would like to see subsidies given to programmes that reduce energy waste, according to a new poll by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

Floating offshore differs from conventional offshore wind farms by using turbines attached to the seabed by a three-point mooring spread

Scotland set for world's largest floating offshore wind farm

The Scottish Government has granted consent for the world's largest floating offshore wind farm to be developed off the coast of Peterhead.

Walney Extension will eclipse the 630MW London Array Offshore Wind Farm also commissioned by DONG Energy in 2014

World's biggest offshore wind farm confirmed for Cumbria

Permission has been granted today (29 October) to put steel in water for what will be the world's biggest offshore wind farm off the coast of Cumbria.

The oil and gas giant said that solar PV generation in North America in 2050 will cost around $107/MWh

BP: Solar and wind won't overtake gas without carbon price

The cost of wind and solar energy will continue to fall rapidly between now and 2050, but will remain more expensive than gas unless a global carbon price is imposed.

Globally, investors worth $2.6trn have joined the divestment movement

Eight UK universities join divestment push

Eight UK universities with endowments worth a total of £69m have announced fossil fuel divestment commitments.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle has arrived in the UK, with a price tag of just over £53,000

The future is here: mass-market hydrogen cars take to Britain's roads

The first mass production hydrogen cars, billed for more than a decade as a clean alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles but only glimpsed as concepts at automotive trade shows, have arrived on British roads.

The Concept is fitted with a high-capacity 60 kWh battery which can be charged wirelessly when the car is parked

VIDEO: Inside Nissan's self-driving 'EV of the future'

Japanese carmaker Nissan has unveiled what it calls 'the future of autonomous driving and zero emissions' - a self-driving electric vehicle (EV) which generates zero emissions and minimises the potential for road accidents.

November 2012

40% of all RHI funding secured by single consultancy

40% of all funding so far allocated by the government-led Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has been secured by a Cardiff-based consultancy, which is more than any other company across the UK.

Unilever invites ideas to reduce water use in laundry products

Unilever is in advanced discussions with several technology companies to develop laundry products that can deliver high performance using less water in lower temperatures.

Community reuse hubs of the future could be sited at HWRCs

Household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) could be transformed into localised resource recovery parks designed around the waste hierarchy, where reuse is the ultimate goal.

Mandatory carbon reporting must be extended to all large companies

At a seminar to influential business leaders this week, Defra Under-Secretary of State Lord de Mauley described what businesses could expect from the mandatory carbon reporting guidelines, amid calls to extend it to all large companies.

Justin King sees increasing value in waste materials

Sainsbury's boss argues case for greater ownership of waste

Sainsbury's CEO Justin King has cited a "misaligned" waste policy framework as one of the biggest barriers to retailers taking more steps to close the loop on their operations.

Much discussion centred around navigating new models of circularity at WRAP's annual conference in London

ANALYSIS: Time for a reality check on closing the loop

Debate around the circular economy may have moved on significantly over the past 12 months, but for many it's still stuck in the realms of high level thinking with little counsel on how might it work in practice.

Government funding to help cut 'road transport CO2 emissions'

The UK's goal of reducing transport CO2 emissions received a boost today as the Government made £16.5m worth of funding available for new research and development.

PVC recycling 'text book example' of cutting resource use

Recycling can dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of PVC and boost material optimisation, according to a white paper released today.

Biofuel industry 'needs time to mature'

Biofuel is not only helping decarbonise the UK's transport sector it is reducing the need to import livestock feed from the Americas and South East Asia, says the National Farmers Union (NFU).

UK tidal energy developments given the green light

Three organisations have secured the rights to develop tidal energy projects at sites spread around the UK.

November 2007

Scientific study seeks to survey safety of sewage sludge

Heavy metals, sewage and mud may sound more like the key components of a rock festival, but are in fact the subjects of a study looking into the sustainable disposal toxin-rich sludge.

New laws on shipping pollution have yet to be adopted by many EU members

Put pollution laws on the books - 8 states warned

Eight EU states, including the UK, have been told to implement laws on shipping pollution agreed two years ago, or face legal action in Europe's courts.

Chernobyl life 'back to normal' within a decade

Territories affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster will have fully recovered within ten years, according to the UN.

Nicolas Sarkozy aims to point France towards a sustainable future

France promises green revolution

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, has put a moratorium on the growing of genetically-modified crops and has announced plans to ban energy-wasting lightbulbs along with a raft of other concessions to the environment in a move which is supposed to put France in the vanguard of 'green' states on the international stage.

Chocolate to fuel expedition from UK to Africa

News in Brief

Recycling-friendly PC tree could benefit Irish business

An Irish designer has scooped an award for an environment-conscious PC that could have significant benefits for businesses.

Eco-town design competition launched

A competition is underway to find inspiring designs for the planned "eco-towns" announced by the Government earlier this year.

Providing electricity from renewable sources is expected to reduce emissions and electricity bills

Renewable electricity will save dollars

A national policy requiring 15% of American electricity to be produced from renewable sources would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 120m metric tons by 2030, researchers have predicted.

Scotland expects to meet recycling targets

Scotland has come a step closer to shaking off its image as one of the worst recyclers in Europe by announcing it is set to meet its 2008 targets a year ahead of schedule.

Irish EPA warns businesses over backyard burning

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned businesses in Ireland not to supply waste material to groups collecting for Halloween bonfires.