Now available on demand: edie’s webinar on optimising your energy data

Energy data is the backbone of the net-zero transition. Done well, data management can unlock significant carbon and cost savings and help to underpin investment in key projects. But gathering and optimising data is no easy task – especially for organisations with multiple sites and varying consumption patterns.

To help you navigate energy data, we hosted a 45-minute online masterclasss session in association with Centrica Business Solutions and key partner Direct Business Solutions. This session initially aired on Thursday 15 June and is now available on demand.


This session offered up fresh insights, inspiration and advice when it comes to monitoring, measuring and optimising your organisation’s energy data in ways that could radically reduce carbon emissions.

It included real-life case studies and actionable takeaways, with a focus on real-time data management solutions to holistically manage consumption, reduce spend and improve operational efficiencies. Please see the full agenda and speaker information below. 

Discussion points

  • Where to start when gathering and understanding your organisation’s energy data
  • Utilising real-time data and device-level insights to identify action hotspots
  • Converting your energy data into meaningful change and actions across the business

 Masterclass chair:

  • Sarah George, content editor, edie

 Masterclass presenters:

aitzi marco copy

  • Aitzi Marco, senior solutions development manager, Centrica Business Solutions

Aitzi Marco helps clients develop strategic projects on their Net Zero journey. She is a qualified Energy Solutions Engineer with over 9 years of experience developing and managing various multi-million energy efficiency and energy generation projects for private and public entities. Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), she also has experience developing Measurement and Verification plans for energy performance contracts.

toze, chris

  • Christopher Toze, Energy Services Director, Direct Business Solutions

Chris is an energy professional with >20 years’ experience in the sector having worked for Energy Suppliers, ESCO’s and Energy Consultancies.

As a passionate advocate for decarbonisation, Chris has helped a wide range of organisations, across both the private and public sector, to deliver meaningful and impactful energy and carbon reductions.

Utilising his experience in energy supply, risk management, project finance, compliance, net zero planning and renewable generation, Chris’ approach strives to simplify the complex and champions data backed investment decisions. There is no panacea for our net zero target, but the task is made significantly easier if you have a firm grip on where, when, why, and how, energy is being consumed.

Direct Business Solutions is a reseller of Centrica’s Panoramic Power product that works with its customers to identify and remove the energy waste inherent in all organisations, improve process efficiency, address power quality issues, develop asset replacement programmes, and build the business case for investment in renewable generation.


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