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Battery storage has been the subject of a substantial amount of publicity and market interest recently. This course will give participants a basic understanding of battery storage systems, the various battery technologies, their general use, how they can be deployed within buildings, charging and discharging methodologies as well as looking at their limitations.

The course will also look at the financial incentives and electricity charge savings available, the energy contract type required to achieve savings and guide on how to evaluate the benefits of battery systems in businesses.

The Battery Storage for business course will equip participants with the basic knowledge, skills and tools to consider integrating battery storage systems into their organisations.

Learning Outcomes

-> Understand how battery storage systems work and can be integrated into buildings

-> Be able to identify whether battery storage is suitable for their use and would be allowed

-> Be able to perform a risk and mitigation analysis

-> Be able to review their electrical system, usage, charging and discharging cycles, current energy contract and define their objectives and targets

-> Be able to use tools to review the cost modelling for battery storage and establish what variables may affect viability at their sites

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