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On-site generation of electricity can be a good way of reducing grid consumption, but the varying technologies, their suitability for implementation, income streams, ongoing cost and grid connection requirements can be complex and are different for every site. This course aims to inform participants about the main types of on-site generation and provide information on how to effectively deploy it and gain commercial benefit. It will describe how the most common forms of on-site generation such as solar, wind and CHP can be specified, installed and operated, how to effectively size the generation, how they would connect within an existing site and the financial incentives and mechanisms available to each technology. The course also includes the process for applying for and obtaining permission from the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to connect any type of generation and to understand how to find out whether export provision may be available.

Learning outcomes

-> The main technologies used for on-site electricity generation

-> Identifying the correct technology for deployment in a building

-> How to size the generation technology required

-> How and where to connect the generation technology

-> The financial incentives and returns available for each technology

-> What may prevent on-site generation from being deployed

-> The process of dealing with DNOs to gain permission for generation and the possibility of exporting to the grid 

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