Course Location LONDON (VAUXHALL)
Cost £450.00+VAT
Type of course in situ
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Course provider Energy Managers Association (EMA)
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This course not only provides participants with the knowledge of how to prepare and deliver a behavioural change programme, but more importantly an insight into the psychology of people and the way they behave which is essential in ensuring that any behavioural change programme is correctly structured and targeted in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Learning Outcomes:

– The psychology of persuasion, just how we are going to change people’s behaviours.

– How to identify the potential audience for change, who’s going to make the biggest impact? Who will be your key allies?

– Identifying your different options for a behavioural change programme.

– Preparing a business case using tangible and intangible elements.

– Gaining approval to your proposal

– How to make it happen

– Ways to measure the success and report effectively on this

– What next steps to take

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