Clinical and Healthcare Waste Collection and Disposal Service

Grundon Waste Management Ltd
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Grundon Waste Management Ltd
11/12/2019 10:5

Every day - hospitals, care homes, dentists, laboratories and a host of other healthcare- related providers have to dispose of offensive, infectious, hazardous or low level radioactive clinical waste. Right from the start, it’s a process which requires specialist handling by professionals with the right experience, expertise and resources. With a dedicated clinical waste management service, Grundon provides such a solution. Operating our own industry-leading treatment and disposal facilities – including Energy from Waste, steam sterilisation Hydroclaves and the UK’s most modern high temperature incinerator - we provide collection, secure and traceable treatment and final disposal. Our expert team understands the need for strict compliance and combine legislative know how with innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping to meet budgetary and environmental targets, while improving service delivery and efficiency.

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