Thermal Hydrolysis

Energy from Waste Biothelys is a complete solution for increasing the "green energy" produced from the treatment of sewage sludge and other organic sludges Biothelys is a thermal hydrolysis process used to pre-treat sewage sludge prior to anaerobic digestion in order to increase biogas production by over 30%, reduce the amount of sludge by up to 80%, and produce a sludge in which 99.9999% of pathogens have been destroyed.

Thermal Hydrolysis

The Biothelys Process

In the Biothelys process either primary or secondary sludges, or a mixture of both, are subjected to the effects of high temperature and pressure (i.e. approximately 165 oC and 6-8 bar) for a period of 30 minutes.

The effect of Biothelys is to disintegrate the cellular structure of the sludge and break down high molecular weight organic materials into smaller molecules. It also dissolves naturally occurring cell polymers (a form of protein) into an easily digestible feed for anaerobic digestion, resulting in a considerable increase in biogas yield.

Sludge treated by Biothelys is also much less viscous than raw sludge, allowing the mass loading fed to an anaerobic digestion plant to be considerably increased (in some cases even doubling digester throughput). After digestion, the resulting biosolids material is also easier to dewater, with up to 40% dry solids being possible.

Advantages of Thermal Hydrolysis

Biothelys fits perfectly into the wastewater treatment flowsheet with the following advantages:

  • Increases sludge biodegradability
  • Enhanced biogas production
  • Pasteurisation and stabilisation of final biosolids product
  • Reduction in the quantity of sludge produced
  • Reduction in final sludge volume by improving its dewatering characteristics :  p to 35% after centrifuge or up to 50% with a filterpress
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs
  • Increase in digester throughput by feeding with more sludge at up to 10% dry solids
  • Enhanced treated biosolids product (Class A in the SA) conforms with the K's Safe Sludge Matrix for use on all types of crop as a fertiliser/soil conditioner

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