The HV mop skimmer system is the direct result of developing a small, low cost but effective mop skimmer system to compliment the OPEC 'E-Series' system for surface oil contamination removal in confined areas.


Recovers oil at a rate of up to 600 litres an hour. Uses 4” OPEC mop as standard. Simple and quick to set up. Used for permanent and emergency clean-ups in boreholes, drains, manholes and small interceptor tanks.

General Description

The equipment is simple and quick to set up and the installation of the system is also very simple. Mop changes are also very quick and easy to carry out and ready joined continuous loops of mop can easily be threaded between the rollers by simple removal of the cover, which requires the release of two hand knobs. Many new applications are constantly being identified which do not warrant the recovery oil capacities of certain existing types of equipment.

 Effectiveness of the HV and OPEC mop

The HV Unit can be mounted onto an OPEC ST5 or ST25 separator tank so that the recovered oil can then be separated from any free water picked up by the mop system, and transferred by gravity or pump to main storage areas. Alternatively the HV unit can be mounted on a carrying frame that can be de-mounted to fit into the back of a car or pick-up for easy transport and handling of the equipment.

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