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Some of the world’s biggest shipping groups say ‘ambitious’ action is needed at a key UN meeting to bring the industry in line with Paris climate goal

Shipping 'progressives' call for industry carbon emission cuts

Many of the world's biggest shipowners and charterers have called on heads of state to take swift action to force carbon emission cuts on their industry which is the only sector in the world not now bound by climate change targets.

Google hopes that the data collection will identify suspicious vessel activity and inform new sustainable policies

Google makes waves with new sustainable fishing data platform

Google has unveiled a new beta technology platform that utilises enhanced data collection and transparency to promote and improve policies and provide the "world's first global view" of sustainable fishing practices.

The 55,000 tonne ship will have 10 retractable solar panelled sails and retractable wind generators to produce renewable energy, which is used to power a hybrid propulsion engine

Is this the most sustainable ship in the world?

As the International Maritime Organisation struggles to stay afloat amidst a barrage of calls to establish a global shipping initiative, a new 10-mast cruise liner that harnesses solar and wind power may just have set the benchmark for the sector.

In order to improve ship efficiency, many of the anti-fouling coatings used to enhance speed and fuel conservation use biocides to rid ships of marine life

AkzoNobel launches bio-renewable coating following anti-fouling accusations

Paint and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel has launched a new biocide-free coating offering fuel and carbon savings for ships, just weeks after the company was accused of forming part of the "worst catastrophe to hit the marine environment".

One potential method to reduce emissions from shipping is the use of biofuels. The Sustainable Shipping Initiative is already exploring how biofuels could be used as an energy source

European Commission urged to revamp bioenergy and shipping policies

The European Commission has been greeted with across-the-board support from MEPs to include emissions from shipping in the European Union's 2030 emissions reduction target, while non-profits are also calling for improved bioenergy policies.

Research found that upscaling the development of fuel types alongside engine enhancements could stop black carbon melting ice caps while reducing emissions in the sector

Could Arctic research fast-track an international shipping emissions standard?

With the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) beginning to piece together an early resemblance of an emissions reduction target for the industry, a two year Arctic trial could pave the way for more reliable measurement techniques.

Figures have shown that emissions from shipping will increase up to 250% by 2050 if left unchecked

SSI calls for 'substantive' conclusion on shipping emissions target

Global shipping coalition the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) has warned that the lack of a definitive conclusion at a recent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) meeting has decreased the likelihood of a binding agreement on future industry emissions reduction targets.

The SSI recently launched a new sustainability  Roadmap, setting out the key milestones and priorities that must be met in order to create a sustainable shipping industry by 2040

Shipping industry urged not to 'miss the boat' on emissions reductions

Calls for the global shipping industry to reduce its carbon emissions intensified this week as a coalition of companies from across the sector have demanded climate action from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ahead of a forthcoming committee meeting.

AkzoNobel rewarded ship owners who converted the coatings of their ship's hull to the carbon-saving Intersleek coating produced by the firm

AkzoNobel slashes shipping emissions through $500,000 carbon credit scheme

Paint and coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel has issued more than 126,000 carbon credits - worth more than $500,000 - to 16 ships in a move that has reduced the emissions of each vessel by 4,000 tonnes annually.

A lack of availability of skilled labour, issues over worker welfare and increased demand for transparency and regulation are among the key challenges facing the shipping industry, according to the SSI

New sustainability roadmap launched as shipping industry hits troubled waters over emissions

A coalition of businesses and NGOs including AkzoNobel, Unilever and WWF is introducing a 2040 roadmap and set of shared commitments to help the shipping industry navigate the 'significant challenges' it faces on reducing emissions.

International Civil Aviation Organisation plan of 4% fuel reduction of new aircraft starting in 2028 not enough to halt emissions, environmental groups say

Global initiative introduces first proposal to reduce airplane pollution

International Civil Aviation Organisation plan of 4% fuel reduction of new aircraft starting in 2028 not enough to halt emissions, environmental groups say

The US called for the 1.5 degree goal to be recognised in the final agreement

US demands 1.5 degree warming limit in COP21 deal

The United States was officially unveiled on Wednesday (9 December) as the most influential new member of the 'High Ambition Coalition' and immediately threw its weight behind a future 1.5 degree global warming limit in the international climate change agreement negotiations, in Paris.

Legally binding elements of the new document include long-term global goals for halting and reducing global emissions, to a near-zero phase

UN unveils 20-page negotiating text for Paris

The United Nations (UN) has today (5 October) released a streamlined version of the negotiating text that will be used at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference in December.

China's emissions were found to be around 14% lower than thought

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week in numbers has seen some surprising electric vehicle developments and exciting new figures for renewable energy and e-waste recycling.

Audi's concept SUV is planned for a production run in 2018

Audi unveils first all-electric SUV concept car

Audi has unveiled concept designs for its first all-electric SUV, with a full reveal expected at the International Motor Show 2015 in Frankfurt next month.

Aston University has developed the portable facility which it says will make biofuel production easier for rural businesses. Photo: Aston University

Aston University researchers pioneer portable biofuel facility

Aston University has developed new technology to convert waste and residues, such as babywipes, into biofuel.

The report argues green growth can be synonymous with economic growth

New Climate Economy: 10 ways to generate low-carbon economic growth

Low-carbon economic growth can become the new normal and limit the impact of climate change, according to a new report released today (7 July).

Shipping accounts for 2-% of global emissions, but this is expected to rise rapidly in the coming decades

Shipping industry torpedoes emissions reduction targets

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has shelved plans to place an emissions cap on the world's shipping fleet.

The shipping sector creates 3% of all EU emissions

EU ships forced to track emissions

Shipping owners using European ports will have to report on the CO2 emissions of their vessels, under a new proposal approved by MEPs on Wednesday.

Baleària's Martin i Soler passenger ferry has seen a 12% improvement in fuel-efficiency since using AkzoNobel's biocide-free advanced hull coating

AkzoNobel makes waves with carbon credits scheme

Spanish ferry operator Balearia has signed up to AkzoNobel's landmark program which financially incentivises ship owners to reduce carbon emissions by earning carbon credits.

'The oceans are in a bad state that is rapidly getting worse. Fisheries are starting to collapse, there are record levels of pollution, such as plastic pollution, and there is climate change.'

Oceans are world's seventh largest economy worth $24tn, says WWF report

The monetary value of the world's oceans has been estimated at US$24tn in a new report that warns that overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting an unprecedented strain upon marine ecosystems.

The North Sea is one of the most industrialised seas in the world, with drilling rigs and offshore wind turbines alongside the more traditional shipping and fishing activities.

North Sea economy and ecology at risk without UK Government action

The UK Government must act now to prevent the degradation of economic opportunities and natural ecosystems in the North Sea, a House of Lords report warned on Tuesday.

If the shipping industry were a country it would be the 8th largest emitter in the world

EU clamps down on shipping industry emissions

The European Commission is tightening its regulations surrounding the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the shipping sector with a new CO2 tracking law and a sulphur oxides cap.

MPs call for Defra to show leadership on waste policy to help England meet its 2020 recycling target

Defra slammed for 'stepping back' from waste

Defra has been slammed for "stepping back" from waste and needs to show strong leadership in order to improve England's recycling rate, a cross-party committee of MPs has said.

Platic polybags create a sustainability trade-off. On one hand they create a lot of waste that's not easily recycled. On the other they protect the items from damage and the environmental impact of wastage

Patagonia takes evidence-based approach to minimise product packaging

Patagonia has investigated how it can reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from its product packaging supply chain and will now act on its findings.

Why water issues are now commercially important

Water is essential for life, but many businesses still fail to recognise the commercial importance of this vital resource. Darran Messem explains why businesses must take note.

The SSI has outlined next steps to maintain the industry's route towards goals set out by the SSI

New measures outlined to boost maritime sustainability

New measures to boost sustainability in the shipping industry have been outlined by the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a coalition of global shipping leaders.

Helle Gleie (pictured) recently held the position of global head of crew operation at Maersk Supply Service

Helle Gleie appointed first director of Sustainable Shipping Initiative

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) has appointed Helle Gleie as its first director and head of the organisation.

UPS: en route to a fuel efficient future

From using electric vehicles in New York City during the 1930s to operating one of the world's largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, UPS has long practiced environmentally-conscious innovations. Leigh Stringer looks into the company's approach to further reducing its CO2 emissions

UPS driver fuels liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle. UPS plans to purchase approximately 1000 additional LNG vehicles and build four refueling stations by the end of 2014.

UPS cuts CO2 by 2.1% despite increase in shipping volume

UPS has reduced its global scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions year-on-year by 2.1% in 2012, despite a 2.3% increase in total shipping volume.

Jonathon Porritt

EXCLUSIVE: Transport industry 'unlikely' to collaborate on environmental impact says Porritt

Environmental regulation will only partly drive improvement in the transport industry as it stimulates "one part of the business brain" and does not engage the more creative, innovative side needed for change, says Jonathon Porritt.

Brewer Bavaria joins Heinz and Mars distribution deal to cut CO2 emissions

Dutch brewer Bavaria has signed a shared transportation agreement with Heinz and Mars to move their products across Europe by inland waterways as a new initiative designed to cut CO2 emissions.

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