TOVEKO Continuous Gravity Sand Filters

TOVEKO sand filters are gravity-fed units that operate continuously so long as there is a flow that requires filtration. This and other elements of their design offer you some significant operational advantages

TOVEKO Continuous Gravity Sand Filters

No standby filter required

The solids removed from the incoming flow are then cleaned from the sand bed at the same time as the filter is operating. This means that it does not need to be taken “off-line” for backwashing like a conventional sand filter, which therefore means that you do not need a standby filter and all the large tanks, pumps etc. that is required for backwashing.

TOVEKO filters are only 2.3m high

This means that they fit into a normal height room, making frost protection and installation in “visually sensitive” sites very straightforward. It also commonly allows gravity flow into the filter from the preceding treatment step (for example settlement), avoiding both the need for an expensive pumping stage, and also ensuring that the delicate solids are not broken-up within the pump. This therefore makes their subsequent removal in the filter more easy and efficient and so gives you better quality filtered water.