Dipmeters - Rugged Liquid Level Indication

To monitor water and leachate level the Geotech Dipmeters are designed for use in aggressive and dirty environments.

Dipmeters - Rugged Liquid Level Indication

Plastic and steel tapes have metric graduations and the steel tape has a polyethylene-coated jacket to ensure high durability of the unit.

Tape lengths are from 30m to 500m. ATEX dipmeters are available to meet DSEAR regulations

Easy-to-read markings ensure increased accuracy in level monitoring. The whole range offers simple and reliable operation during day to day monitoring and pump draw down tests

At a glance:

- Highly durable design for use in harsh environments
- Fresh water to saline applications
- Simple thermal profiling
- Polyethylene jacketed steel tape
- Metric graduation in centimetres and millimetres
- Available in lengths up to 500m
- Variable sensitivity control
- Temperature option
- Fully sealed electronics
- Easy to clean

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