R.C.P Macpress (UK) are the sole suppliers of Macpresse machinery in the U.K. and Republic of Ireland.

The range which, includes baling presses, conveyors, and hoggers is currently being operated throughout the world by mill-owned paper merchants, waste management companies, national retailers, distribution centres, large businesses such as those in the automotive industry, packaging companies, clothing manufacturers and board and paper conversion plants and printers.

R.C.P Macpress (UK) are the sole suppliers of Macpresse machinery in the U.K. and Republic of Ireland.

 All nine models in the Macpresse range are suited to baling paper and card. The Mac 102 or 105 is suited to baling medium volumes of packaging materials at distribution facilities or warehouses.  The Mac 108 and Mac 110 for larger volumes and for mill size bales from high volumes of material the Mac 111, Mac 111AS or Mac 112 are probably the best choice.
Designed for continuous operation Macpresse baling presses feature large feed hoppers, intelligent hydraulics and a patented electro-mechanical, horizontal, tying system.  The horizontal tying system removes the requirement to construct a pit for the tying mechanism, saving time and money. The baling and the extrusion chamber are fully lined with “Hardrox 500” a material designed to withstand the abrasive action of the waste materials and the baling operation.  These wear liners are easily replaced when worn. 
All Macpresse machines are designed to provide the highest production and bale density in all types of material.  Bale size has been optimised for loading in export containers, lorries and trains to reduce transport costs. Bale quality can be enhanced however, by adding an in-line fluffer between the feed hopper and baling chamber. The fluffing process produces a better, more even bale than baling unprepared material.  In addition the action of the fluffer will perforate any plastic bottles again resulting in a superior bale.
R.C.P Macpress are so confident in the quality of their machines they provide all new equipment with a 24 month warranty as standard. This warranty can be increased to 60 months when taking out the preventative maintenance contract. The 5 year maintenance contract includes service visits, callouts, breakdown response and all spare parts and consumables. The extended maintenance package is subject to a small annual fee, but gives total peace of mind and fixed running costs for 5 years.
For further details of the entire Macpresse range of equipment and their service packages please telephone R.C.P Macpress 01952 630001 or visit www.rcpmacpress.co.uk today.

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