Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Extraction

AAC Eurovent uses the latest carbon filter technology to deliver market-leading commercial kitchen odour control systems. The AAC PR range of refillable carbon filters is the ideal choice for the busiest of commercial kitchens, where a high-performance and reliable odour control system is essential. Our carbon filters are available in a full range of standard sizes and are suitable for a variety of volume flow rates and dwell times. We also offer a low-cost bespoke design and manufacture service for larger commercial kitchen extraction projects.

Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Extraction

High-Performance Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation projects with Ducted Systems

The AAC Swiftpack System is a robust carbon filter system that is designed to enable AAC PR carbon filters to be fitted into commercial kitchen ventilation projects with any new or existing ducted system.

Carbon Filters for Small Kitchen Extraction Systems with Air Handling Units

The AAC Skeleton-Frame enables AAC PR carbon filters to be easily installed into the air handling unit and delivers excellent air filtration and odour control.

Odour Control Systems for Larger Commercial Kitchens

For very large commercial kitchens e.g. Conference facilities and the larger hotel kitchen and restaurants, we recommend the AAC Swiftkit System.

This “kit of parts” solution enables Air Handling Unit (AHU) manufacturers to quickly and easily incorporate the AAC PR range of refillable carbon filters into their Air Handling Units (AHUs).

This compact solution is also suitable for retrofit into existing air handling units and delivers a cost-effective high-performance solution that is ideal for Kitchen Extraction projects where space is at a premium.

Competitively Priced Carbon Filter Design and Manufacture Service

In addition to our extensive range of standard carbon filters, we offer a competitively priced design and manufacture service for bespoke commercial kitchen ventilation projects.

Activated Carbon

We supply an extensive range of high-quality coal and coconut-based activated carbon designed to deliver maximum performance in the harshest commercial kitchen environments.

Carbon Filter Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including activated carbon media testing, replacement and safe disposal.

Xtract Series - Ozone Generators

The Xtract series of ozone generators deliver effective odour control and grease reduction in commercial and industrial kitchen extraction canopies and ductwork systems in a single unit. The Xtract is ideal for long ducted systems where space for a carbon filter is restricted.

The high-performance solution is tested to the EN13725:2003 standard.

Electrostatic Precipitator for High-Performance Smoke Control in Kitchen Extraction Systems

The cleaning of air in kitchen extraction systems is a tough target to achieve due to the complex mixture of smoke, grease, water vapour and temperature.

The AAC ESP Electrostatic Precipitator uses market-leading ESP technology to provide a low-cost solution designed to deliver effective smoke control in kitchen extraction air.