Surveys and Inspections: Ensuring units are in optimal condition

Surveys and inspections can be a vital part in the life of any electrical equipment. They offer insight into how equipment is performing, giving the owners of the equipment the knowledge that it is being maintained correctly and that problems are likely to be detected at a point where a straightforward solution can be found.

Surveys and Inspections: Ensuring units are in optimal condition

Powerstar offers a survey and inspection service which delivers the peace of mind that is vital for any investment in a company’s operations. The service that Powerstar provides can help ensure that potential improvements are highlighted and potential problems can be corrected before issues become more complicated.

Even though Powerstar voltage optimisation units are maintenance free, annual inspections are still a vital part of caring for the equipment correctly in order to ensure optimal running conditions. Without inspections, there is a risk of problems occurring such as connections becoming loose over time and the overloading of electrical circuits or equipment.

Due to the changing nature of businesses requirements, which can see growth both in terms of operations and electrical equipment, it is possible that systems that have been installed for several years could be performing at a less than optimal rate.

Annual inspections can identify and prevent these problems, in addition to ensuring that insurance guidelines are adhered to as inspections of plant room equipment are essential. Furthermore, the ability of inspections to highlight the aforementioned changes will allow improvements to be made and help to ensure maximum savings, efficiencies and value of the investment is being achieved by maintaining the sites ability to operate at an optimal level throughout the solution’s life.

A survey and inspection can also detect external factors which could cause issues, such as a fluctuating grid voltage. This means that, in the case of fixed voltage optimisation, the rate of reduction may need altering in order to achieve maximum savings, based on the recommendations that arise from the inspection.

Upon completion, the client is provided with a comprehensive report by Powerstar. This report outlines the details of the inspection performed along with the findings, recommendations and options to enhance energy savings, and to simplify the process, there is only a single point of contact from beginning to end.

As Powerstar’s engineers have a plethora of experience, they are able to inspect all types of voltage optimisation equipment regardless of manufacturer, in addition to offering additional inspection services such as thermal imaging of main LV panels and power factor investigation.

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