Powerstar VIRTUE: A complete behind-the-meter energy storage solution

Powerstar VIRTUE is an energy storage solution which allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage. Each system is made bespoke to best suit the unique requirements of each customer. The benefits provided by the solution depends on the exact specification of the system and the customers' priority. However, Powerstar VIRTUE can provide the below:

Powerstar VIRTUE: A complete behind-the-meter energy storage solution

Power resilience through full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities: Loss of power is an increasing threat to businesses as they become more dependent on electrical equipment from automated processes to large IT systems, in addition to greater customer expectations regarding productivity and connectivity. Full UPS capabilities provide seamless support to the load which connects within milliseconds of an energy related failure, therefore boosting energy resilience. This is particularly important as the Centrica Resilience Report in autumn 2017 found that energy related failures can total as much as 17% of a company’s annual revenues.[1]

Maximising existing generation including PV and CHP: The integration of storage and existing systems allows for maximising of existing assets, including renewable energy as energy stored at times of peak generation from Powerstar VIRTUE can be used when existing systems are no longer generating. This better monetises existing systems, such as the solar PV array, by increasing the amount of energy that is consumed from these assets. 

Remote monitoring capabilities to provide visibility to assets: The remote monitoring capabilities of Powerstar VIRTUE allows energy managers to view the performance of the system from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This enables key components of the solution to be analysed more effectively as their state will be easily viewable, additionally automated alerts are sent whenever a system is close to preset limits which minimises human error and allows for further energy optimisation. The remote monitoring capabilities also allow the system to be linked to other energy assets, therefore making it easier to implement a holistic energy management approach.

Additionally, traditional energy storage benefits can allow you to save upto 31% of your electricity bill. Traditional energy storage functionality includes:

·        Reduce costs through peak DUoS shaving. The process of using energy stored at off/mid-peak DUoS periods during  peak DUoS periods to negate the higher costs.

·        Gain new revenue opportunities through demand side response (DSR). DSR helps to balance the supply and demand for the National Grid by rewarding users for temporarily reducing demand, supplying energy to the grid during times of low generation, or increasing consumption at times when the grid experiences over-supply.

·        Avoid Triads. Energy storage can minimise transmission costs, known as Triads, which are the three half hour periods with the highest system demand between November and February.

Energy optimisation through voltage regulation: Powerstar VIRTUE can be integrated with Powerstar’s patented range of voltage optimisation technology which reduces the incoming voltage to a more optimal level, thereby reducing energy costs and consumption, CO2 emissions, and prolonging the life of electrical equipment.

Powerstar VIRTUE is designed and manufactured to the highest recognised international standards, providing assurance that the solutions represent the most efficient and highest quality systems on the market.

With full R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and assembly facilities in-house individually tailored, bespoke systems can be adapted to tackle whatever challenges clients face.

For more information on Powerstar VIRTUE, visit the Powerstar website.


[1] Centrica Resilience Report

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