VIRTUE: The Internet of Energy

VIRTUE is an energy storage system which allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage. It works by capturing the electricity produced by both renewable and non-renewable sources and storing it for discharge when required. The solution allows for users to come off-grid and switch to stored electricity at a time most beneficial.

VIRTUE: The Internet of Energy

This is achieved by reducing electricity consumption from the grid by using the UPS capabilities of VIRTUE during peak DUoS and Triad tariff periods and switching to stored electricity generated during the cheaper tariff periods, thus providing savings on electricity costs, maximising revenues and eliminating operational risks through the full load UPS capabilities of the VIRTUE system. 

Along with grid energy storage, VIRTUE is also able to enhance renewable sources by improving the reliability of renewable generation, maximising the benefits of wind and solar generation and in turn reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. It is forming an integral part in the future development of Smart Cities, driving the evolution to a smart, flexible energy system led by energy storage, Demand Side Response (DSR), smart networks and interconnection, resulting in lower energy costs, greater security of supply and the transition to a low carbon economy.

The benefits of VIRTUE include: 

  • Delivering average annual electricity cost savings of 24%
  • Minimising transmission (Triads) and distribution (DUoS) costs
  • Allowing access to National Grid incentives (FFR. EFR)
  • Generating average revenues for National Grid incentives of £120,000 per MW
  • Enabling energy to be exported at peak market prices
  • Providing full UPS capabilities, eliminating need for additional back up
  • Applications allowing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to be added – VIRTUE EV

VIRTUE is designed and manufactured to the highest recognised international standards, providing assurance that the solutions represent the most efficient and highest quality systems on the market. 

In addition, with full R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and assembly facilities in-house individually tailored, bespoke systems can be adapted to tackle whatever challenges clients face. 

For more information on the VIRTUE energy storage system visit the Powerstar website.

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