Why Choose Us

Schneider Electric services deliver flexibility and choice for all consumers, no matter what size or which market sector. We deliver a range of tailored solutions and procurement frameworks to meet any organisation's commodity requirements.


Our services and processes are designed with flexibility and creativity in mind.? While we have a global presence and 24-hour operations, we provide local understanding and a level of diligence unmatched in the market place.

Visibility and Transparency

Schneider Electric is a truly independent service provider. Our ethic of visibility and transparency provides clients with full and complete analysis of all aspects of their energy costs and consumption, so any changes in energy costs never come as an unwelcome surprise.


Energy market liberalisation and a global focus on the environment are both noble and worthy objectives. However, the unfortunate consequence is an increase in the complexity of cost management and the administrative burden on consumers.

We simplify the business processes from clients' perspective, delivering the expertise to ensure the operating burden does not impact key personnel, allowing them to keep their focus on the core business.


The term 'cost reduction' is one that is used far too often without care and attention.

The fact is, over time, commodity prices can go up and down. When prices rise, the phrase should be 'cost avoidance'. When prices fall, consumers need to deliver as many savings back to their businesses as possible.

At Schneider Electric, we work to reduce costs and ensure clients WON'T be:

- Overcharged by suppliers

- Subjected to inappropriate tariff or charging structures.

By working with Schneider Electric, our clients WILL:

- Take advantage of effective cost-avoidance when commodity prices rise and delivery of cost reduction when they fall

- Receive evidence that their organisation has met legislative and commercial compliance obligations

- Be assured that every opportunity to reduce consumption and waste has been explored

Cost Effectiveness

At Schneider Electric we are so confident in our ability to add value that we are willing to work under two different charging structures:

- Fixed Fees - a transparent cost with no surprises
- Share of Savings - no 'up front' cost - we only make a return if we deliver value to your organisation

Our dedicated experts are focused on delivering the most cost-effective solutions. Our clients find that the Schneider Electric experience delivers significantly more tangible benefits than managing the process internally

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