PoE Computing - Reduce Electrical Requirements Up To 90%

Power Over Ethernet Computers from Scenariio provide a host of technical benefits and scalable features while enhancing your company's green computing initiatives, delivering power and data through a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable, greatly reducing the need for electrical outlets and allowing greater flexibility in setting up a corporate enterprise.

PoE Computing - Reduce Electrical Requirements Up To 90%

Reduce Electrical Requirements Up To 90%

Compatible with a many of the leading switches and mid-span injectors, Thinlabs POE Computers work comfortably up to a distance of 100 meters from POE 802.3AT+ power sources, making them ideal in a variety of environments.  POE Thin Clients are available in 19" and 22" systems, available in both touch and non-touch options.

Green Technology

  • Reduces electrical costs by up to 90%, including cabling, installation, surge supressor, backup and electrician expenses
  • Runs power and network through a single Ethernet cable, greatly reducing cabling and AC electrical outlets requirements for setting up your IT infrastructure
  • Much safer operation than typical desktop installations
  • POE 802.3at+ technology allows power sources to intelligently communicate with systems to negotiate electrical power needed

Innovative Design

  • Touch and non-touch models available in 19" / 22" all-in-one screen size options
  • Optional IP65 Compliant Front Panel for complete protection from dust and other non-corrosive materials; plus enclosure protection from nozzle-projected water from any direction
  • Available as a full-fledged desktop or embedded device
  • Offered in black or white anti-bacterial plastics
  • Works with Cisco, Meraki, HP, Netgear, Phihong, Black Box, Power D Sine POE switches / mid span injectors and other Thinlabs-approved devices

Flexibility And Ease Of Use

  • Significant electrical savings; increased portability and kiosk placement options; setup and operate workstations comfortably up to 100 meters away from POE 802.3at+ power sources
  • Reliable operation - works through power failures (when implemented with an effective backup power device [such as UPS backup])
  • More efficient system maintenance - shut down or reset devices remotely (when managed using Thinlabs Device Manager)

Comprehensive Regulatory And Eco-Friendly Compliance

  • Complies with 75/100 mm VESA Mounting Interface Standards
  • Compliant with CE, RoHS, US FCC B and EN60950 regulations

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