Corporate/ Big Business Energy Solutions

Fixed Energy Procurement Solutions for high energy consumers.

Corporate/ Big Business Energy Solutions

Find budget stability in a volatile energy market with our Corporate Fixed Procurement Solutions

The energy market is highly volatile, with ever-changing wholesale and non-commodity costs. As a result, many businesses prefer an energy contract that is simpler than a flexible deal and will aid budget certainty and financial planning.

Having a fixed corporate energy contract helps give businesses budget security by setting costs for the duration of their agreement. It’s important to understand whether all your costs are fully fixed; not all non-commodity charges are fixed within a fixed price contact.

How Utilitywise can help

Procuring corporate energy contracts can be very time consuming for businesses especially as they need to understand when to go to market. Utilitywise can manage the entire process on your behalf with our proactive approach to electricity and gas fixed contract tendering. We’re renowned for negotiating competitive contracts at the most opportune points in the market.

Our fully Account Managed service offers our clients peace of mind with all aspects of their energy procurement. We assign clients a Procurement Analyst who has the knowledge and skills to deliver a service tailored to your individual needs and requirements. They are highly trained in resolving queries and liaising with energy suppliers to negotiate energy contracts.

Utilitywise will provide you with:

  • Fixed Procurement advice and negotiation.
  • Overviews of forthcoming renewal costs in the form of weekly Price Trackers and interpreted Market Intelligence.
  • Strategic Advice from a dedicated Account Director.
  • Ongoing Account Management support from a Service Delivery team.
  • Recommendations on suppliers based on both their service and price.
  • Advice on whether to fix or pass through all elements of the fully delivered price (i.e. additional charges brought in by the Electricity Market Reform); we compare various, complex quotes so you can compare truly like-for-like contracts.
  • A review of the supplier contracts to ensure they reflect agreed terms.
  • Support with site additions and change of tenancies.
  • Access to our innovative Utility Insight monitoring platform so you can visualise your energy use.

Why choose Utilitywise?

Thousands of businesses trust Utilitywise to help manage their commercial energy contracts. We have a proven track record in the corporate market:

  • A well-known prestigious retailer secured £544,905 of savings – equating to an 11.27% reduction in their costs – by signing a 12-month contract with us.
  • We saved a global manufacturer £67,618 on an incorrectly billed meter.
  • The Fixed Procurement team manage 1,042 utility site renewals in October alone, amounting to over 1TWh of energy.
  • A major charitable organisation with over 100 sites has successfully secured their July 2014 Gas renewal for 24 months, making a saving to the client of £20,471 per annum.

When you become a fixed procurement client with Utilitywise, you can be confident that:

  • Our service is delivered to the ISO9001 standard, giving you peace of mind you’re in good hands.
  • We are proactive in giving you clear advice on when to sign based on the market, our views and your current costs. We get off the fence and tell you when we feel you should secure a contract.
  • Our solution aids budget certainty, as you can fix all costs involved for a fixed time period.
  • You’ll save time as we fully manage the tender process for your contracts and liaise with suppliers.

Our dedicated Account Directors and Procurement Analysts track the wholesale markets in advance of renewals, enabling us to identify prime opportunity points for clients to tender. We’re impartial and tender to all suppliers meaning we can find the most suitable contract for your requirements.

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