Britian's Leading 100kW Wind Turbine

The NPS 100C-24 is Britain's leading 100kW wind turbine with installations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Britian's Leading 100kW Wind Turbine

Britain’s Leading 100kW Wind Turbine

NPS 100C-24 Class III/A

  • Highest IRR in class
  • Class leading annual energy production
  • 10-year Performance Guarantee Programme (PGP)
  • Industry leading technology

 A new 24-metre rotor features state-of-the-art hub and blade technology with superior aerodynamics providing a larger swept area. This increases the annual energy production (AEP) by 15% over the previous model.

North Power's distributed wind platform has been deployed around the world since 2008.The next generation NPS 100C features groundbreaking technology delivering best in class availability, reliability, and power production. Further improvements include a new industry leading brake system and yaw configuration, an enhanced electrical layout, more efficient generator cooling, and an ultrasonic wind vane and anemometer.

The availability and performance of the NPS 100C-24 is backed by Britain's only 10-Year Performance Guarantee Programme. It also covers a decade of operation and maintenance costs, including parts, labour and expenses.

Originally developed with NASA and designed for remote and isolated sites, the NPS 100 has an innovative gearless direct drive, permanent magnet generator, best-in-class reliability, and pleasing aesthetics. We optimized performance for low wind speeds. Our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6 mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes.

The NPS 100 has a flawless track record of surviving extreme winds, from the bitter colds of Alaska to the tropical cyclones of the Caribbean. Its advanced technology and over 14 million hours of cumulative run time makes them the most reliable and proven turbines in their class.


The NPS 100C-24 starts making power at wind speeds as low as 3 metres per second and provides maximum generation at 12-15 mps


Reinforced blades, gearless design, industry leading yaw configuration, and best-in-class brake system make Northern Power turbines the most reliable small wind turbines available today


The NPS 100C-24 comes with 22, 29 and 37 metre tower options to meet local tip height restrictions. The low noise profile and new colour minimise the acoustic and visual impact for easier planning applications


Maximise the UK’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) using the largest allowed turbine (100 kW) within the tariff band. With low ownership costs over the lifetime of the turbine, the NPS 100C-24 pays for itself quickly and will generate a healthy income stream over its 20+ year life.


Installation is straightforward as the standard configuration for the NPS 100C-24 is grid ready. Supplied with an approved 400-volt transformer, an RTU data logger and a G59-compliant utility grid protective relay interface all built into the tower of the wind turbine. Our state of the art power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, which simplifies grid connection.


The 10-Year PGP covers 10 years of operation and maintenance costs, including parts, labour and expenses for the NPS 100. This is the only such warranty offered by a manufacturer for a small wind turbine in Britain.

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