Chemitec Colortec Phosphate analyser

The Chemitec Colortec phosphate analyser uses recognised colorimetric methodology to report the ortho-phosphate in water and waste-water.

Chemitec Colortec Phosphate analyser

PPM distributes in the UK, the Chemitec Colortec phosphate analyser which is used to continually report the ortho-phosphate concentration post treatment.

Typically, the analyser is installed at waste water treatment facilities to monitor the discharge post coagulation treatment, to ensure the discharge is compliant with imposed consents.

The instrument can be configured to continually analyse the sample on a repeated cycle, at specific times or controlled by an external signal for SBR processes.

The touch screen interface also graphically represents the recorded data which can then also be output to a memory stick. Outputs are available for connection to telemetry. 

The instrument automatically calibrates against DI water to reset the zero point and identify if the measuring cuvette becomes coated.

The instrument may also be configured to report aluminium and iron.

PPM manufactures the necessary sample preparation systems and can provide the engineered solution including PVC back panel or frost protected enclosures.

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