Proam Ammonia Monitor for final effluent compliance monitoring

The Proam ammonia monitor is manufactured in the UK by PPM for continuous measurement of ammonia or ammoniacal-nitrogen in water and waste-water.

Proam Ammonia Monitor for final effluent compliance monitoring

The Proam ammonia monitor is a compact, simple and reliable analyser suitable for continuously measuring final effluent quality. 

The instrument has been extensively installed throughout the water sector with many installations within Severn Trent Water, Wessex Water and Anglian Water. 

The Proam instrument is simple to operate and maintain. The design can be used for continuous or intermittent analysis and self- validates measurements against know calibration standards. 

The ion selective (gas sensing) measurement technique is ideal for waste-water applications and does not suffer cross interference from other dissolved ions in the sample. 

The dynamic measuring range can be simply adjusted within the range 0 to 500 mg/L as N (and to 15,000 mg/L by incorporating sample dilution). Typically the range is configured 0-10 mg/L as N for final effluent applications but this is site specific. 

Whilst the instrument has pinch valve technology and wide bore tubing to minimise the possibility of internal blockage, PPM has also developed sample preparation and delivery systems to compliment the instrument.

We are also able to provide to complete engineered monitoring solution including secondary hand rail mounted GRP cabinets and walkin analyser enclosures. 

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