Realtech Portable UVT monitor using UV254nm absorption

The measurement of UV transmission is widely deployed to verify the intensity of UV sterilisation processes depending upon the amount of dissolved chemical matter and the concentration of suspended solids.

Realtech Portable UVT monitor using UV254nm absorption

Realtech instruments are installed to control the UV sterilisation process to ensure the correct intensity of UV sterilisation is achieved according to strict regulations.

The on-line instrumentation must be performance checked and one approach is to regularly take spot samples for analysis on a calibrated portable device, so comparative data may be used to audit the control instrument.

The P200 portable UVT instrument is a compact, simple device allowing for discrete measurement of UV transmission at a frequency of 254nm. The %UVT is affected by the amount of chemical contamination, in particular organic species and the amount of suspended solids within the sample.

A discrete measurement may be performed within minutes on the P200 instrument, allowing for rapid assessment of process control instruments. The instrument may be powered from the mains, a power outlet suitable for connection to a cigarette lighter or alternatively the P200 may be equipped with an internal battery, allowing for complete flexibility of use.

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