Activated Carbon & Solvent Recovery- Adsorption of VOC & Odours

LESNI offers complete purification systems for solvent recovery on activated carbon, also for VOC purification and Odour control. Solutions are generally designed to meet requirement and total capital and operating cost.

Activated Carbon & Solvent Recovery- Adsorption of VOC & Odours

LESNI offer various types of selective grades of coal and coconut activated carbon as well as other adsorption media such as alumina and zeolite; these grades are purposely developed and tested for use in both single pass carbon filters and adsorbers, such as activated carbon drum filters, and larger adsorbers and containers for treating low level emissions and odours.

Furthermore, LESNI engineering also design and build fully automated multiple activated carbon bed adsorption plants for the recovery of solvents by steam regeneration for general purification of VOC and individual high value solvents.

The carbon grades generally used are extruded activated carbon with very high CTC value, also supply a range of acid washed, impregnated, and?catalyzed?carbon pellets to suit all applications.
A whole range of carbon plant sizes are available for different solvent recovery applications, air purification and for?odor?control.

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