Government reportedly planning parliamentary vote on ZEV mandate amid green policy flux

In 2022, the UK Government unveiled plans to implement the ZEV mandate, requiring manufacturers to incrementally raise the proportion of ZEVs within their yearly new car and van sales across the UK by 2024 until they reach 100% for those vehicles by 2035.

Manufacturers falling short of the target could encounter penalties of up to £15,000 per vehicle in case of production target shortfall.

Earlier this month, Sky reported that some prominent MPs, including Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch, have been engaged in efforts to resist the implementation of the mandate, while specific manufacturers and media outlets have likewise expressed opposition to the ZEV mandate’s propositions, citing concerns about the strain it imposes on automakers.

And, yesterday (17th August), a representative from the Department for Transport (DfT) allegedly affirmed to The i newspaper that, in accordance with the Climate Act of 2008, it had an obligation to permit MPs to cast a vote on the mandate in the parliament.

This would involve implementing the less frequently used “affirmative” approach, demanding the mandate’s approval through voting processes in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

A DfT spokesperson reportedly told the newspaper: “We continue to engage closely with industry on the transition and will publish our response to the mandate consultation in due course.”

The edie team has reached out to the DfT for comment. We will update this article if and when the Department responds.

A strong signal

While the Government debates the timeline for executing the mandate, trade associations and green groups have warned that postponing the ZEV mandate could impede investments in essential charging infrastructure and electric vehicle (EV) supply chains, resulting in a setback for the sector.

The Green Finance Institute’s (GFI) programme director, leading the coalition for the decarbonisation of transport, Lauren Pamma recently told edie: “If the 2030 mandate is pushed back, it would be an absolute disaster.

“Policy stability and certainty are critical for investors and the investors to be comfortable to move into a sector. In the strongest possible terms, we would encourage the date to be stuck to.”

The 150 MPs participating in the Conservative Environment Network have urged the Prime Minister to stick to all original green policy timelines, including for the ZEV mandate.

Comments (2)

  1. Patricia Prabhu says:

    This green inititive needs to be be implimented so that the country can move towards the phase out of petrol and deasel as quickly as possible.

  2. Roger Munford says:

    Great news for China who are readying a selection of great small affordable evs that people will want to buy. Meanwhile European manufacturers keep flogging their expensive SUVs and just putting off the inevitable by a couple of years and will become even more desperate to keep that market going.
    Bear in mind that the ev is at least twice as efficient as an ice vehicle which means for the same amount of vehicle ownership, China’s huge oil import bill will be halved per vehicle.
    You wont get whingeing by the driver’s friends like Badenoch or oil companies in China. If an authoritarian government actually does the right clever thing they will be unstoppable, especially if the democratic governments allow themselves to be guided by interest groups.
    Does anybody in the UK actually have a say in what the auto industry does anyway?

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