The company’s systems include patented processes such as membrane bioreactors

(MBR), anaerobic digesters, sequenced batch reactors, and membrane filtration,

in addition to techniques such as absorption, dissolved air flotation, sand

filtration, oxidation and activated carbon amongst many others.

Wehrle Environmental offers systems for the treatment of landfill effluent

and cites case studies in Germany. At the EAL-Scheinberg Plant in Lorrach, Germany,

a membrane bioreactor with activated carbon treats leachate from a domestic

refuse landfill was designed, built and operated by Wehrle Werk AG. The bioreactor

volume is 2 x 120m³, with denitrification tank volume of 1 x 80m³

employing a membrane surface area of 226m² with activated carbon of 4 x


In 2001 the company company designed and built a leachate treatment plant,

operated by Sirtom, at Thieulloy l’Abbaye, in France, again using a membrane

bioreactor with activated carbon. Total bioreractor volume is 23.5m³.

Complete portable PMBR systems for the onsite treatment of industrial or landfill

effluent are available for rent or lease from Wehrle Environmental. These membrane

bioreactor systems, combined with Ultrafiltration separation, have been used

on a variety of effluent streams across Europe.

In the UK Wehrle has designed and built a membrane bioreactor to treat rendering

plant effluent at Argent By-Products Group Ltd at Motherwell. The bioreactor

volume total is 1,090m³, with denitrification volume of 277m³, nitrification

volume of 813m³ and a membrane surface area of 265m².

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