The first annual World Environment Review poll of 14,000 people in 14 countries was published Tuesday, June 5 to coincide with World Environment Day.

It reveals eight out of ten of us are concerned about climate change and want strong government action yet we are not making the necessary changes in our personal lives.

Jon Dee, the leading Australian environmentalist behind the poll, said: “Switching off lights and changing light bulbs does make a real difference, but the poll shows that Britons are not doing enough when it comes to reducing their personal carbon emissions.

“Whilst there is serious public concern about climate change, it appears that most Britons are simply waiting for the British government to take the lead.”

Less than a fifth (18%) of us claim to have cut back on air travel in the last year – while just 13% would be willing to in the future.

Yet almost half would back the government to impose a carbon tax on all domestic and international flights.

Our willingness to let government shoulder responsibility appears borne out in the poll.

Two thirds of us who want environment tax imposed on four-by-fours while most of us think it should do more to boost hybrid car sales and to get us using public transport.

When it comes to doing things for ourselves, we lag behind other nations in some areas.

Less than a fifth of us save energy by washing our clothes in cold water compared to 80 percent of Australians and two thirds of Indians.

Only 11% of us have installed water-saving showerheads compared to more than half of Australians.

But on the bright side 80% of us have put in energy efficient light bulbs while nine out of ten turn off the lights on leaving a room.

For more on the poll visit the website.

David Gibbs

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