Securing employee motivation

Adrian Belcham, Cambio Environmental Management, describes new courses focusing on the skills needed to secure employee motivation that is crucial to long term environmental success.

What percentage of your time is spent convincing, cajoling, encouraging or just plain chasing people to participate in your company’s environmental improvement programme? If you have responsibilities for waste minimisation, energy efficiency or EMS development initiatives then the chances are that the percentage is pretty high.

Moving from a management-led approach focusing on control to an employee-led approach facilitating innovative change requires three distinct elements: control systems that ensure full coverage of all existing and potential issues; awareness of the issues and controls by those involved; and motivation on the part of wide group of employees to find innovative ways of improving environmental performance.

A fresh approach

Environmental training and management systems have, to date, focused on the first two elements. Cambio Environmental Management has used experiences gained in both the environmental and management development fields to establish a programme of courses for environmental managers and EMS teams.

The courses focus on the people skills required to secure the employee motivation that is so crucial to long-term success in environmental management.

e company has launched both open and in-house courses that integrate elements of team building, communication skills, dealing with objections, securing commitment at all levels in the organisation, and developing adherence and support within the context of EMS development and environmental improvement programmes.

The approach is not a substitute for the technical skills and knowledge-based training required by environmental managers, nor is it a new concept in the wider arena of management training. However, it is a fresh application of people- based skills to what is frequently a people-based process – namely environmental management.

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