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Energy in buildings is consumed in a large variety of ways and on a large number of different processes and types of equipment. This course is designed to provide an introduction to many of the most common energy consuming systems found in existing buildings and their operations. Some of the basic legislation that may apply in buildings such as Minimum energy efficiency Standard (MEES) will also be covered during the course.

The course begins with describing the types of energy used in buildings and the basics of how they may be conditioned, including explaining power factor, how power factor correction works, 3 phase load balancing and voltage optimisation. It then continues with how electricity and gas is consumed in various types of equipment, discussing the main areas of energy consumption and the possible opportunities to change and reduce how energy may be consumed.

The following areas are also covered during the course delivery: heating and cooling systems (including recovery of both), hot water systems, air handling and conditioning systems, lighting and their associated control systems as well as renewable and low carbon generation systems producing heat and power.

Learning Outcomes

-> Understanding of the types of energy used in buildings and how electricity may be conditioned

-> Understanding of heating systems

-> Understanding of cooling systems

-> Understanding of domestic and commercial hot water

-> Understanding of air handling and conditioning systems

-> Understanding of lighting

-> Understanding of control systems for building equipment

-> Understanding of renewable and low carbon generation systems producing heat and power such as solar and CHP

-> Understanding of how maintenance can impact energy management

-> Understanding of main applicable legislation such as MEES

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