UK to host new Green Finance Institute

The Government will fund a new Green Finance Institute alongside the City of London Corporation to "champion sustainable finance" in the UK and abroad.

The Insitute was announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond on Thursday (21 June) as part of his vision for the future of the UK’s financial services sector.

Hammond said that the body would help develop the UK’s green finance market and help to mobilise the investment required to reach the country’s climate targets.

He said: “The UK is already leading the charge in this market – with nearly 80 green bonds raising more than $24 billion across seven currencies. But if we are collectively to meet our global climate goals, we will need to mobilise $90 trillion by 2030. And it is my ambition that the UK leads the world in financing this investment.”

‘Good for business, good for the world’

The City of London Corporation’s policy chairman Catherine McGuinness said the Institute would ensure the capital remains a “world leader” in green finance in years to come.

“This will bring together the UK’s existing capabilities, create new business opportunities, and communicate to the wider market what London’s offer is in green finance and insurance,” McGuinness said.

“Promoting this is not only good for business, but is good for the world; helping tackle one of our greatest challenges – global warming.

The launch of an Institute to develop the UK’s green finance market was a key recommendation from the Government’s green advisers in March.

The Green Finance Taskforce has also called for a relaunch of the UK’s green finance activities through a new unified brand, and the integration of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations through the UK’s corporate governance and reporting framework.

In related news, the owner of the Green Investment Group, Macquarie, has announced it will offer £500m of green financing to renewable energy, energy efficiency and other environmentally-friendly projects, as part of a new £2bn loan facility.

George Ogleby

Comments (1)

  1. C. Alvin Scott says:

    The old saying "Too many chiefs and not enough indian’s" sounds right here

    Haven’t they just sold off the Green Bank, when are they going to understand that real innovation is the answer. Mainly that does not happen in companies it happens in individuals heads. Generally that is as far as it goes, because there is NO support at this seed stage or for three more TRL levels.

    Three factors are clear,
    a) the average innovator does not have the tenacity to keep pushing their innovative product against the tide
    b) they most certainly cannot access the money needed to get to TRL 3.
    c) they are up against all manner of vested interests who do not want a new product or system which will undermine their business.

    They could of course take an interest and change their model ???

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