The UK’s Guardian newspaper reported that many venture capitalists in the US have begun to invest in companies which are developing more environmentally friendly building materials.

It cited a firm called Serious Materials, which received an injection of £25m to continue to develop a new type of drywall which takes 90% less energy to produce and creates fewer greenhouse gases.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently revealed a new campaign to educate, promote and encourage sustainable design among consumers, business owners and architects.

The Walk the Walk programme is designed to help inform the marketplace on the benefits of more energy-efficient homes and buildings.

Christine McEntee, executive vice president of the AIA, explained that US consumers needed to be educated about green construction.

She explained: “As America continues to be saturated by messages of going green, there is a general lack of understanding that buildings are one of the primary sources of the greenhouse gases contributing to global warming and climate change.”

Former AIA president RK Stewart added: “Now is the time we must highlight the benefits of more energy-efficient homes and buildings to secure the future for our children and their children.”

James Cooper

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