The Heavy Oil Skimmer 'Series 5000' is a heavy oil recovery system, based on a specially designed chain link belt.


The chain link belt system recovers the heaviest and most difficult to deal with oils and water in oil emulsions.

  • Capable of recovering 30 tonnes an hour of oil.
  • For use on beaches, in lagoons and at sea.
  • Trailer mounted with a turn table feature for ease of handling and rapid deployment.
  • Can also be mounted on board ship as in the force 5 vessel. 

     The System

    The basic element used in this system has been specifically designed and developed to handle the heaviest of oils and water in oil emulsions and is purely mechanical in operation. It is intended for operation in lagoons, on beaches, in sheltered waters and in industrial applications.

    The basic collecting/conveying method enables oil to be picked up from a pit, tank, or water surface and deposited in a hopper for pumping away, or it can be deposited directly into containers or even conveyed to storage by a second conventional belt conveyor.

    The Machine

    The basic element of the Series 5000 heavy oil recovery unit consists of a specially designed composite chain link belt which, when presented to the oil, is able to draw it into the pockets in the belt and it is then conveyed upwards to an extracting roller where the oil is forcibly removed from the chain pockets and deposited into a hopper from where it is then transported into storage. The extracting roller also serves as the main drive for the chain.

    The carriage which carries the chain can operate from nearly horizontal to 45 degrees below and is extendable to enable the working end to be placed anywhere in the working sector of operation.

    The power for the unit, which is completely self contained, is supplied by an air-cooled diesel engine running at a very modest speed. This drives a tandem hydraulic pump unit fed by oil from a large capacity reservoir. One of the pumps supplies the main chain drive roller and also the hydraulic cylinders which deploy and extend the chain belt carriages. The second pump supplies hydraulic power to a low speed motor driving a powerful product transfer pump which is piped so that it may transfer product from the machine to storage. It may also be reversed so that it can pump from the storage side to skips, trucks or road tankers etc. Each operation is controlled by a single lever valve.

    The machine has a built in fuel tank for general operation but for extended periods of running it is provided with the facility for connection to bulk storage via a flexible pipe connection.

    The Ancillaries

    For normal operation in the land based mode the machine is turntable mounted on to a close coupled four wheel trailer chassis, the swivelling facility allowing it to be used from any position off the trailer. It also allows the machine to be stowed for transport in the best position. The trailer is equipped with overrun brakes and auto reversing, 50mm ball hitch, handbrake and spare wheel.

    For shipboard operation it is used without a trailer and it presents a flat under surface for ease of mounting. Quick mounting shoes or standard ‘twistlock’ fittings can be supplied if desired.

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