edie launches new business explains guide on the circular economy

edie’s latest Explains guide for business focuses on the circular economy, outlining everything corporations need to understand and consider when switching to closed-loop products, packaging and services.

edie launches new business explains guide on the circular economy

The guide is free-to-download for edie users

To mark Circular Economy Week, edie users can access a free-to-download Explains guide covering all the key aspects of the circular economy.

Why is adopting the circular economy so important? How does the circular economy apply to businesses? And, what are the key considerations when going circular? This new edie Explains guide answers all of these questions and more.


A circular economy is a regenerative system that looks to optimise the resources we use and keep them in productive loops for as long as possible. These resources include raw materials, products, energy and water.

However, in the current linear economy – where we’ve taken and discarded more than ever before – a lot needs to happen for society to transition to a closed-loop economy that champions reuse, recycling and longevity of products and services.

The private sector will be one of the key drivers to a circular economy, but the transition is no easy task. This new Explains guide, developed with support from Reconomy, offers a deep dive into the key considerations, challenges and opportunities that businesses face on the road to becoming more circular.

Click here to download the guide.

Circular Economy Inspiration Sessions

Want more insight on how businesses can embrace the circular economy?

Hosted during edie’s special Circular Economy Week of digital content and events, the Circular Economy Inspiration Sessions offer up an afternoon of live, interactive webinar presentations and discussions – all dedicated to capturing the business opportunity of a resource-efficient, zero-waste economy.

How do zero-waste commitments interrelate with climate-related goals? What must happen at a policy level to accelerate the circular economy transition? How can closed-loop systems and products be scaled up at pace? Ultimately, what will it take for businesses to accelerate the circular economy?

This online event, sponsored by EY and Reconomy, effectively combines three edie webinars into a single afternoon, with each webinar session taking a particular focus and format. The first session (one hour) was a Q&A-style circularity debate; the second session (one hour) will be a series of quick-fire zero-waste case studies; and the third session (45 minutes) will take a ‘masterclass’ format.

Registrants for this online event will get access to all three sessions


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