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Exposure to climate-related disasters such as floods, storms, or sea-level rise could have a huge impact on property and infrastructure, destroying value and raising insurance rates overnight

Investors fear next financial crisis will be climate-related

A rushed transition to clean energy triggered by extreme weather events linked to global warming "will be very expensive" to swallow for the economy, investors warned policymakers at an event in Bratislava.

Unexpected pollution incidents an lead to significant fines and a substantial bill for environmental remediation

Environmental pollution - is your business watertight?

Business owners and site managers need to ensure that their facilities are protected from water pollution and flooding. How will spill containment systems work in a real-life emergency? Would regulatory authorities be satisfied that containment systems are effective? David Cole from Hydro Consultancy finds out.

The complaint demands an investigation into the top 50 investor-owned companies which release the most CO2 emissions annually

Fossil fuel companies face world-first human rights complaint

Chevron, BP and Shell are among 50 oil companies who face an investigation from the Phillipine courts, after accusations that they have fuelled 'catastrophic climate change resulting in human rights violations'.

The report's lead author Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez argues that as many people as possible need to have access to insurance

Insurance industry 'essential policy instrument' to help those at climate risk

The insurance industry must be utilized to protect citizens at risk from climate change, a new report from the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has claimed.

Economic losses from natural disasters in the last decade amounted to around $1.9trn while insured losses were about $600bn.

Insurers: Governments must help us prepare for natural disasters

Insurers managing more than $9trn in assets have called on governments around the world to tackle climate change and build resilience to increasingly-common natural disasters.

 From 1980 to 2014, there were 178 'weather events' that cost $1bn or more

Hottest year on record 'bad news for business'

As Nasa figures reveal 2014 was the hottest year on record, the World Resources Institute (WRI) says the soaring temperatures will soon have a heavy cost for businesses.

Dr Aled Jones predicts that plummeting fuel stores will be insignificant compared to the planet's changing water levels

Social security 'will be swept away by climate change'

By 2060, social security systems may not be able to cope with the natural disasters and emergencies caused by climate change, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) has warned.

Shell is keen to alert policymakers and business leaders to the 'stress nexus' (photo credit: Shell International Ltd)

Shell points to 'resource resilience' for future cities

Shell has called for more co-operation and collaboration within cities to build resilience to growing pressures on global energy, food and water systems.

Vivienne Westwood is calling for severe cases of environmental destruction to be recognised as crime. Image credit: Shutterstock/360b

Vivienne Westwood: Business playing giant game of monopoly with world's resources

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has criticised business leaders and politicians for large-scale environmental damage, which she says is the result of an "exaggerated focus on profits rather than nature".

Investors are concerned by companies exposure to deforestation risks through their use of commodities responsible for deforestation

Business community 'largely unaware' of deforestation risks

Businesses are threatening shareholder value because they remain largely unaware of the deforestation risks in their own supply chains, according to a new report.

Water must be 'special focus' of UN's post-2015 development agenda

The water community has called for the United Nations to put special emphasis on water when it considers the post-2015 global development agenda.

By 2050 more than 40% of the world's population will live under severe water stress and nearly 20% could be exposed to floods

OECD: Governments must 'assess and manage' water risk not just react to crises

Governments must better manage water risk to avoid jeopardising economic growth and food and energy security, says the OECD.

Climate change floods on the rise as central Europe lies submerged

Recent floods in central Europe are likely to increase for several reasons including climate change, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Water-related disasters inhibiting global sustainability

The global population living in flood-prone river basins has increased 114% in the last 40 years, while the number of people located on coastlines exposed to cyclones has risen almost 200%, according to experts.

Fukushima Daiichi Plant

EnergySolutions secures Fukushima decontamination contract

International nuclear services company EnergySolutions has been awarded the contract of cleaning-up contaminated seawater used to cool reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

npower's Tilbury Power Station in Essex

VIDEO: Npower says Tilbury biomass blaze 'under control'

Npower has confirmed that a blaze which broke out at its Tilbury power station in Essex is under control and that the plants three generators unit are being emptied of remaining biomass.

James Bond villains receive rap for giving nuclear a bad name

The notorious James Bond villain Dr No has been accused of helping to portray nuclear power in a negative light by a leading scientist from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

British nuclear industry passes 'stress test' in wake of Fukushima

Stress tests carried out in the wake of the Fukushima disaster have given the UK's nuclear sites the thumbs up.

Environment Agency officers rescue woman from flood waters

A woman has been saved from flood waters in Somerset by two Environment Agency (EA) officers after fierce storms battered Britain yesterday (January 3).

VIDEO: French nuclear watchdog orders billions in industry investment

A report ordered in the wake of the Fukushima disaster has given France's nuclear sector a clean bill of health but demanded improvements at more than 50% of power stations and said 'billions' of euros will be needed to improve the industry.

Huhne: EU cannot achieve legally binding deal alone

A legally binding deal on global emissions cannot be achieved by the European Union alone, according to UK energy secretary Chris Huhne.

Selby Dam refurbishment project continues

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced plans to continue ongoing refurbishment work at a pumping station in Selby in a £350,000 project to replace the facility's pumps.

An artist's impression of the cap being lowered into place

'Major step forward' as oil spill cap unveiled at SPE Offshore Europe 2011

An oil well cap built specifically for British waters has been hailed as a 'major step forward' by energy minister Charles Hendry.

New deal to prevent another Deepwater Horizon disaster

A new deal will see the chances of another Deepwater Horizon type oil spill dramatically cut, according to the two companies involved.

Funding set to prevent future Gulf of Mexico tragedies

A $7M grant will see a group of environmental organisations study the impact of the Deep Water Horizon blast on the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell admits North Sea oil leak

Oil giant Shell has admitted a large oil leak off the coast of Scotland happened last week.

Innovation required

With capital flood defence spending being cut by the Government, the emphasis should now be on upstream prevention projects, argues Alex Stephenson.

Independent coalition energy review backs more nuclear power

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has backed nuclear power as the best short term energy solution in a report called for in the formation of the coalition Government.

Japan's prime minister, Naoto Kan.

Japan begins legally enforcing Fukushima exclusion zone

A 12 mile exclusion zone around Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant became legally enforceable last night.

Bryon Encalade speaks before going into BP's AGM

BP 'wasting' compensation money

An oyster fisherman whose family business was ruined by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill told BP's AGM its compensation funds were being 'wasted'.

Tracy Kuhns speaking before going into BP's AGM

Gulf residents still ill from oil spill

The wife of fisherman told BP investors her community was being 'killed' in the aftermath of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

An earlier protest against BP in the USA

BP executives face Gulf of Mexico protester's wrath

A wave of protests are expected as BP's top executives gather in London today (April 14) in London's Excel.

Energy minister Chris Huhne

Huhne orders UK nuclear power review

Energy minister Chris Huhne last night held crisis talks with top-ranking British nuclear experts to assess the impact of the Japanese nuclear disaster on the UK's power supplies.

EU climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard

EU climate change chief casts doubt over new nuclear

One of Europe's most powerful environmental politicians has said it's unlikely new nuclear power stations will be built in Europe until after a review.

Germans close all pre-1980 nuclear plants following Japan crisis

Germany will close or review all its nuclear power plants after chancellor Angela Merkel ordered a wide-sweeping review of the country's atomic power industry.

Sir David King

Pro-nuclear report launch put back after Japan tragedy

The launch of a report highlighting the benefits of a nuclear future for the UK has been postponed following the continuing tragedy in Japan.

Japan's prime minister, Naoto Kan.

Japan declares nuclear emergency and rations energy

Two explosions at a stricken nuclear power station in Japan have followed huge damage to the country from an earthquake and tidal wave.

Thousands to take part in Britain's biggest ever civil emergency exercise

Around 10,000 people will take part in Britain's biggest ever civil emergency exercise to test the country's response to catastrophic floods, according to Defra.

BP profits fall for first time in two decades

BP profits fell for the first time in almost two decades following the Gulf of Mexico disaster, according to figures out today (February 1).

Cllr Lee: partnership gives an opportunity to improve range and quality of services provided

Peterborough names new front-line services partner

Peterborough City Council has agreed a 23-year strategic partnership deal with Enterprise Managed Services to deliver front-line services including household waste and recycling collection.

Did climate change end reign of Rome?

Scientists have claimed climate change could have brought about the end of the Roman Empire.

Anger after BP announces Arctic oil drilling deal

Under-fire BP has signed a deal with Russia's state run energy giant to hunt for oil in the country's Arctic continental shelf.

BP oil spill report blames poor management

The Commission investigating the BP oil spill has found BP and other companies guilty of complacency and blames cost cutting and poor management and engineering decisions.

Cornwall clear up begins

A massive clearing up operation has started in Cornwall after devastating floods hit the area yesterday.

Firm behind gulf well cement denies blast blame

A firm blamed for cement work which could have led to the worst environmental disaster in US history has denied it was to blame.

Obama forms task force for gulf restoration

President Barack Obama has signed an executive order officially forming a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force to deal with the ongoing aftermath of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Emergency services battle huge tide of toxic sludge

Emergency services have swung into action after a sludge reservoir burst its banks and poured toxic waste across a town.

Greenpeace protesters block oil drilling ship

A drilling ship off the coast of Scotland has been forced to stop after Greenpeace activists blocked its route.

California blast cause remains elusive

Six people are still missing after a gas explosion in California last week left four dead and dozens injured.

BP claims 'series of failures' led to the Gulf of Mexico tragedy

A report released by BP yesterday (September 8) finds decisions made by 'multiple companies and work teams' contributed to the accident which killed 11 people and caused widespread pollution in the Gulf of Mexico earlier.

Environment Agency gives it some welly to cut flooding

Environment watchdogs in Wales are putting the boot in this week by using a giant pair of wellies to raise awareness about flooding risks.

Environment Agency says sorry after flood siren scare

A test firing of a flood warning siren has led to an apology from the Environment Agency after locals panicked.

Green shoots of recovery in hurricane hit New Orleans

Hurricane ravaged New Orleans is being reborn as a centre for cutting edge environmentally-friendly new buildings, experts say.

BP making progress on well plug

Oil giant BP has cleared the first hurdle in its attempts to plug the Gulf of Mexico leak for good and put a disastrous episode behind it.

Wildfire nuclear contamination fears spark war of words

Fears Russia's rampant summer wildfires could release a soot cloud of radioactive particles sparked a war of words between government officials and environmentalists.

Fears BP oil spill cash being taken by conmen

Oil giant BP could have paid out millions of pounds to fraudsters after US authorities began investigating fraudulent compensations claims following the Gulf of Mexico spill.

US landfill fire sparks toxic smoke fears

Environmental regulators reassured people they faced no serious health risk from smoke billowing out of a burning landfill in Oklahoma.

Actor Art Malik to launch Pakistan flood appeal

An appeal to help victims of Pakistan's worst floods for more than 80 years is being launched on radio and TV today (August 5).

Happy birthday Mr President as BP spill end 'close'

US President Barack Obama had more than usual to celebrate on his birthday as BP begins permanently sealing the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

BP's Gulf of Mexico spill officially worse in US history

Oil spewing from BP's crippled oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has created the world's largest accidental offshore spill and the worst crude related accident in US history.

Greenpeace map of closed garages

BP's CEO to quit as Greenpeace close London petrol garages

BP's under-fire chief executive Tony Haywood will leave the firm he has been with for 26 years in October.

Chinese flooding set to peak

Devastating floods across China look like peaking today (July 26) following torrential rain over the weekend.

Bookies pay out as BP CEO's future looks bleak

BP is holding a board meeting today (26 July) which could end in its chief executive stepping down.

Amsterdam Port from where the waste sailed to Africa

Trafigura guilty of illegal toxic waste transport to Africa

Multi-national business Trafigura has been found guilty of illegally transporting toxic waste to be dumped in Africa by a Dutch court.

Five firms handed record fines for Buncefield blast

A judge has ordered five firms to pay a total of £9.5 million in fines and costs for their part in the 2005 Buncefield oil depot blast.

BP finally caps Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Last night BP finally fitted a cap to the top of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak in the latest attempt to stop crude pouring into the sea.

Buncefield latest - another guilty verdict

A jury at St Albans' Crown Court today found TAV Engineering Ltd guilty of failing to protect workers and members of the public following an investigation into the explosion and fire at Buncefield Oil Storage Depot on 11 December 2005.

Death toll likely to rise in French floods

French authorities fear the death toll from floods sweeping across the south of the country will continue to rise.

Firm guilty over Buncefield blast

A firm who made storage tank gauging systems for the Buncefield depot has been convicted in court.

A loch not far from the site of the crash

Diesel spill fear over train crash

Environmental officers are probing a train wreck over fears thousands of litres of diesel could pour out following a crash.

Set up global fund to insure against eco-disasters - Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has used his blog to call for an international fund to insure against major environmental disasters like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Volcano had little impact on air quality

The recent eruptions of the Icelandic volcano has little impact on air quality across the rest of Europe.

Radioactive waste sent to landfill by Sellafield

The operators of the Sellafield nuclear power station are investigating how five bags of nuclear waste ended up being sent to a landfill site.

Brownfield sites home to threatened species

A first study into declining species reveals many are surviving on Brownfield sites through the United Kingdom.

Explosion rained cement over two kilometres

A firm has been fined after causing an explosion which sent cement powder raining down on homes and businesses up to two kilometres away.

Oil slick remains two decades on

Devastation wrought by oil leaking from a stricken tanker two decades ago is still causing contamination.

US Green Building Council offers to help rebuild Haiti

Devastated Haiti could be rebuilt in more environmentally friendly way after the US Green Building Council pledged to support the work.

Fears for gas shortage as National Grid issues two balancing orders

The Government needs to take tough decisions to maintain the country's gas supplies according to a leading energy consultancy.

Authorities struggle to cope with 'phenomenal' floods

Floods have closed 25 bridges and several roads in and around Cumbria with more rain set to fall today (November 23).

The price at the pump isn't the whole story

The myth that the price of plastic should correlate directly with the price of oil is a wide misconception, and one that needs to be debunked. Asset International's Dr Vasilios Samaras explains how other factors come into the equation.

It is better to be safe than sorry

Are Britain's water companies being too complacent about security? David Taylor Smith, chief executive of G4S Security Services, says the water industry has to up its game to ensure vital resources remain safe

Modelling takes on the urban flooding menace

What role can technology play in reducing the risks of flooding in the UK? Is it possible to be more precise in forecasting where the problems may lie? To find the answer, Mike Woolgar discusses the role of mapping and modelling in combating flood risk.

"Business is ready"

As co-director of the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, Craig Bennett is a man who is confident that businesses are capable of stepping up to challenges of sustainability. Now he just needs government to understand that, he tells Tom Idle

THe unpredictable nature of climate chaos should not be allowed to stop us preparing for the worst

World ill-prepared for climate change security threat

While governments around the world are pouring funding into counter-terrorism measures, few are facing up to the security threat presented by climate change.

Carbon accounting: The new bottom line

Legislation combined with pressure from investors and consumers means companies not yet addressing their carbon emissions are risking their long-term futures
Justin Strutt

Work with nature, not against it

The effects of urbanisation and industrialisation on the fragile balance between land and water have been known for many years. Ciwem's Nick Reeves believes a fundamental shift in attitudes and practices is needed to prevent these finite resources from irrevocable depletion.

Dutch lead post-tsunami reconstruction in Indonesia

A Dutch consortium led by DHV is supporting the Indonesian government in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the areas of Aceh and Nias in Indonesia affected by the catastrophic tsunami of December 2004. Strategic planner at DHV, Jeroen Alberts, explains how the company is supporting the recovery process by providing expertise in sea defence, flood protection, refuge and early-warning systems.

Humans wiping out coastal marine life, study shows

Human exploitation of coastal waters and estuaries has wiped out 65% of their wetland and sea-grass habitats and depleted 90% of marine species, new research suggests.

Tackling the problems of the drylands is a UN priority

Scientists call on world leaders to combat desertification

Hundreds of scientists, experts and policy-makers called on world leaders to make the fight against desertification a priority, in a declaration they adopted during a major UN conference on the issue held in Tunis this week.

Get what you pay for

Water metering - with safeguards for the vulnerable - is one of the best ways to manage demand, says CIWEM's Nick Reeves

Anti-pollution tug spills tons of diesel

A tug boat designed to protect the Scottish coast in the case of environmental disasters has run aground, spilling some 200 tons of diesel.

Orphaned chimps: whole troupes are slaughtered to capture a single baby to sell to well-meaning Westerners

Great ape plight laid out in atlas

Great apes are doomed to extinction unless conservation efforts in the countries where they are found can be linked with programmes to address human poverty.

Municipal strategies

Governments and their regulators have the responsibility for management and control of water consumption throughout the hydrological cycle. The priority for municipalities is to maximise water management efficiency by reducing wastage, demand, leakage and evaporation losses.

Sustainable timber urgently needed to rebuild Aceh

Aceh's already shattered landscape faces further devastation if donor countries do not immediately supply the tsumani-stricken province with sustainable timber, according to WWF.

Moving to a Zero Waste Society

For most of us, it can be difficult to stand back and see the context of our actions in the great march of progress. So waste expert and RSA Fellow Peter Jones offers some ideas on how a greater breadth of vision might impact the pace of change, and the economic and operational scale of the waste industry.

The Carbon Disclosure Project: Round Two

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) was launched in December 2000 to facilitate institutional investor collaboration regarding climate change. Paul Simpson, project manager of CDP London explains how its formation and subsequent expansion reflects the growing concern by institutional investors about the strategic and financial implications of responding to climate change.

Fig. 1

Climate change: The challenge continues

The problem of climate change has not gone away, nor will it be wished away. Governments must act.

Alternative fuel: the burning issue

Akbar Ali and Michael Crookes of solicitors, Davies Arnold Cooper, look at how British manufactures can facilitate the development of cleaner energy.

Alternative fuel: the burning issue

Akbar Ali and Michael Crookes of solicitors, Davies Arnold Cooper, look at how British manufactures can facilitate the development of cleaner energy.

That sinking feeling

Carbon sinks are part of the Kyoto Protocol's strategy to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. But will they really have the impact on emissions their supporters claim? Jane Morecroft investigates

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