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Atkins backs climate change research

Engineering design consultancy Atkins has welcomed a decision by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to fund critical cross-sector research into how climate change could impact the UK's infrastructure.

The flow must go on

Hydraulics - often disregarded in the industry - can play a key role in ensuring effective water management. Dr Vasilios Samaras outlines the importance of hydraulics in the ongoing plastic versus concrete and clay debate.

Boscastle disaster drives flood defence

Following catastrophic flooding in Boscastle, Cornwall, three years ago, a substantial scheme of improvements is being implemented.

Hot property

The concept of sustainability is here to stay, writes Peter Maude. And, with rising energy and materials costs, it's now at the top of the property agenda

The world according to Sir Nicholas Stern

The Stern Review is billed as "the most important report on the future". But, asks Caroline White, what will it mean for business?

Extreme measures

The water industry is a heavy user of energy. And extreme weather caused by climate change is a growing burden for the industry. As water quality requirements have been driven up, so have the energy requirements to achieve them. Merlin Hyman reveals all.

Drains and water usage - the hot topic of conversation

Not so long ago, politics and religion were the main topics of conversation around the dinner table. Today, it is drains and water usage. And to help developers and builders make the right decisions, British Water has produced
a guidance document. We take a look.

Winter weather threatens London's leakage targets

The prospect of a colder than average winter has fuelled Thames Water's research into understanding the effects of cold water on its water distribution network in south-east England. Andrew Boyd of RWE Thames Water reports on the range of strategies under consideration.

Watertight protection

Latest security devices help water companies to safeguard their property and facilities from unauthorised access, and to protect the public.

Under a high-impact scenario, a CCC report said, summer temperatures in Edinburgh could rise by 4.4C by 2060, and five-day rainfall levels increase in the city by nearly 25% to 78.4mm

Climate chief: UK must not use Brexit to water down environment laws

The UK must not water down its environmental laws as it leaves the European Union, one of the government's most senior advisers on climate change has warned.

The partnership will seek to introduce “data translators” that act as decision-support tools to inform communities and businesses who are inexperienced in interacting with data

Tech giants join NASA and the White House to enhance data-driven climate resiliency

The White House and NASA have partnered with a host of technology giants including Google, Amazon and Microsoft to "harness the data revolution" as a means to develop climate resilience alongside the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Climate charity Action Aid said it was seriously concerned about the 'fragile progress'

What went on in Bonn: Climate talks stall ahead of Paris

The UN climate talks in Bonn have been "painstakingly slow" according to some observers, but the final day (Friday) generated some optimism, particularly with regards to funding for poor countries dealing with extreme weather.

The majority of GHG emissions from food occur before produce leaves the gate, in the growing portion of a producers supply chain

Food firms must collaborate to unearth climate risks, says CDP

Some of the world's largest food, beverage and tobacco brands are missing out on significant financial and production quality gains by failing to mitigate climate risks and reduce carbon emissions, a new report has warned.

As climate change causes temperatures to rise even higher in the second half of the century, even more serious food shocks - where production drops by up to 10% - are also likely to occur much more often by 2070

Food production shocks 'will happen more often because of extreme weather'

Major "shocks" to global food production will be three times more likely within 25 years because of an increase in extreme weather brought about by global warming, warns a new report.

Red melting snow at high altitude in the Alps. Whilst most of Europe are aware of climate change, far fewer consider it to be detrimental

Climate change: world's wealthiest understand, but only half see it as threat

People living in the world's wealthiest nations generally understand what climate change is but in many countries just half perceive it to be a threat, new research has found.

Aviva chief executive Mark Wilson committed the company to £2.5bn investment in clean energy

Aviva commits £2.5bn to green investments following climate risk report

Insurance giant Aviva has announced a target to invest £500m every year for five years in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

London businesses are woefully unprepared for the impact of climate change

London's economy facing 'great unknown' on climate risks, warns Assembly

Businesses in London are unprepared for the impacts of global warming and more than half of FTSE 100 companies have no strategy to deal with climate change.

More than 40,000 farmers have already benefited from Starbucks' Global Farmer Fund

Starbucks allocates £19m for farmers fighting climate change

Global coffee giant Starbucks has added £19m to its Global Farmer Fund which offers loans to farmers help them become more resilient to climate change.

Can we afford to tackle climage change? Guardian journalists and prominent authors, economists and campaigners have explored the finance of keeping fossil fuels in the ground

Earth Day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground

Three-quarters of known fossil fuel reserves must be kept in the ground if humanity is to avoid the worst effects of climate change, a group of leading scientists and economists have said in a statement timed to coincide with Earth Day.

Dexter Galvin says there is still

Information black hole suppresses supply chain sustainability, says CDP

EXCLUSIVE: A lack of information is hindering companies' attempts to make sustainable decisions in their supply chains, according to the head of Supply Chain at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The report found that 88% of people agree that the world's climate is changing

Public concern on climate change at its highest in 10 years following UK floods

Belief in the reality of climate change and its human causes is at its highest level amongst the British public since 2005, having significantly risen in the past year following the recent storms and flooding.

Last year's floods caused small organisations approximately £1,531 worth of damage

Small firms urged to prepare for extreme weather

More than half of small businesses do not have a plan in place to deal with extreme weather conditions such as floods and snow storms.

Finance, Insurers and SMEs are most vulnerable to climate risks

London businesses ill-prepared for climate change, report finds

London businesses are are not equipped to deal with the risks of climate change, a new report from the London Assembly has found.

The Royal Society encourages all capital owners to realise the value of adapting to extreme events

Companies urged to realise true cost of extreme weather

Public and private sector organisations are being advised to report their maximum probable annual losses caused by extreme weather, compared with their current assets and operations.

Dr Aled Jones predicts that plummeting fuel stores will be insignificant compared to the planet's changing water levels

Social security 'will be swept away by climate change'

By 2060, social security systems may not be able to cope with the natural disasters and emergencies caused by climate change, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) has warned.

Rapid population growth and rising quality of life, along with increasing demand for food and energy has led to far greater levels of stress on limited groundwater resources

Global free-for-all has 'water bank' running dry

An incendiary report from a NASA scientist which warns that the world's water supplies are rapidly dwindling has sparked calls for changes to UK water policy

The plans were released on the five-year anniversary of President Obama's executive order on Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance

US Government steps up climate change action

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released two new plans to reduce its emissions and prepare for the extreme-weather impacts of climate change.

Energy prices fell by almost 7% between the first and second quarters of this year

Hurricane helps wind energy sector overtake nuclear

Wind power energy production in the UK overtook nuclear power-plants last week following Hurricane Gonzalo, prompting a major energy production milestone this quarter.

Insured losses from the UK floods alone totalled more than £1bn.

Report: Insurance firms vulnerable to escalating climate risk

A vast majority of the world's major insurance companies are ill-prepared to deal with the increasing risks of climate change, despite facing massive pay-outs if floods, droughts and other extreme weather conditions continue.

Floods and droughts force EU climate action

Extreme weather conditions are forcing European Governments to reassess their climate change policies, but most countries have identified barriers to taking action, a report has found.

The Environmental Audit Committee's report supports calls for the Government to help businesses and communities become more flood-resilient

MPs give 'red card' to Government's green record

The UK's self-proclaimed 'Greenest Government Ever' has been given a 'red card' for its limited progress in reducing air pollution, protecting biodiversity and preventing flooding.

The Steart Marshes will protect newly constructed flood banks from erosion so that they last longer.

Government opens UK's biggest flood management scheme

The Environment Agency has today (8 September) completed the UK's biggest ever coastal realignment scheme in Somerset to protect local businesses from future flooding.

Lord Smith will step down as Environment Agency chairman in early September

Leader interview: Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith

"The biggest challenge for water by a long way is the developing impact of climate change. That's going to determine everything that happens in water policy over the next 30 to 40 years."

End of the line: Extreme weather and flooding have impacted numerous rail lines and services over the past year

Network Rail ramps up weather resilience following UK floods

The rail operator is developing new weather resilience and climate change adaptation plans for all of its routes following the floods that hit numerous services earlier this year.

Paul Kelly was speaking at an event hosted by the Aldersgate Group in Wesminster this week

Water stress and climate change must be 'top priority' for businesses

Any businesses that isn't incorporating climate change adaption or water scarcity issues into its business strategy is taking a 'very great risk' in terms of its sustainability and resilience going forward.

The flooding of the Somerset Levels for months led to heavy criticism over the lack of dredging of the local rivers

Flooding: documents reveal UK Government's spin on protection cuts

Leaked draft communications strategy includes comments from the Environment Agency challenging funding claims.

Businesses with no climate change plan risk 'failure'

Businesses, particularly smaller companies, buildings and infrastructure such as transport networks, hospitals and water supplies are all ill-prepared for the extreme weather events related to climate change says a report released today.

The study points out a steady decline in maintenance of flood defences and local roads

UK's national infrastructure 'at mercy' of extreme weather, ICE warns

The growing frequency of extreme weather events in the UK is putting the nation's infrastructure networks at risk, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has warned.

The majority of small business owners expressed concerns about how climate change will affect their operations. Photo credit: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com

American SMEs already feeling harmful effects of climate change

More than half of small business owners in the US believe climate change will adversely affect their business, with nearly one in five admitting that extreme weather events have already affected their operations.

Environment Agency chairman Lord Chris Smith:

Lord Smith: Extreme weather is nation's 'number one challenge'

The winter floods have highlighted the danger of building on floodplains and underlines the need to continue improving flood defences to cope with extreme climate, says Environment Agency (EA) chairman Lord Smith.

The Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Budget speech today with some predicting a freeze on the Carbon Price Floor

Budget 2014: U-turn on Carbon Price Floor will 'muddy an already confused landscape'

The future of the Carbon Price Floor has come under the spotlight this week, with concerns that the Chancellor George Osborne may freeze the policy in today's Budget.

Prime Minister outlines his stance on climate change

Man-made climate change is one of the UK's biggest threats, says David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that man-made climate change is one of the greatest threats to the UK and the rest of the world.

Yorkshire Water among utilities at 'forefront' of climate change response

Yorkshire Water is a front runner amongst those in the utility sector responding to the challenges brought on by climate change, according to Climate Change Partnership for Yorkshire and Humber's Jon Clubb.

Lord Smith:

Lord Smith staunchly defends EA staff over 'flooding failure' claims

In the face of widespread criticism, Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith has defended frontline staff who have worked solidly over Christmas and New Year to tackle flood-hit parts of the UK, saying dredging is not the answer.

Water security now ranks as one of greatest risks to civilisation

Water is now one of the highest global risks, alongside the economy, unemployment, food shortages and extreme weather patterns, new research has found.

Prime Minister links recent flooding to climate change

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he suspects that the recent extreme weather, which has caused severe flooding across the UK in recent weeks, is a result of climate change.

Last year's record-breaking wet year in England could have cost the UK economy close to £600m

CCC: Little progress made on limiting flood risk

There has been limited progress on reducing flood risk in the UK and the rate of deployment would "have to increase by a factor of 20" if the cost effective potential is to be exploited, says the Committee on Climate Change.

Farming sector: 'time to pull plug on water waste'

Government policy must be shaped to enable farmers to better capture water "during times of plenty" to help the industry produce more food during shortages, says the NFU.

EXCLUSIVE: Humans steadily 'unplugging' own life support systems

Humans have been steadily unplugging our own life support systems, many of which are provided free-of-charge by ecological systems, according to Autodesk's head of sustainable solutions.

The Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Subnational Leaders on Climate Change has been adopted with the support of mayors and regional and global networks of local and subnational governments

World mayors commit to scaling up climate action

More than 50 mayors from 30 countries have affirmed their commitment to scale up climate actions.

Owen Paterson says major increases in global temperature should not be seen as entirely negative

Owen Paterson: Global warming can have a positive side

Secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, says global warming could allow food to be grown further north

IPCC report: human influence 'dominant' cause of global warming

Human influence on the climate system is "clear" and has been the dominant cause of global warming since the mid-20th century, according to the new assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Water issues beginning to 'permeate the mainstream'

Water preservation and scarcity is "on the cusp" of being the next big sustainability issue, says Bloomberg's head of sustainability Lee Ballin.

Climate change opportunities could outweigh risks for UK businesses

Defra has set out the risks and opportunities businesses face as climate change and extreme weather becomes increasingly prominent.

Decrease in industrial pollution could spark droughts and floods

Global rainfall will increase significantly while arid regions will become drier if temperatures continue to rise and industrial pollution decreases, according to research from the Met Office.

Climate change abroad bigger threat to UK business than domestic dangers

The impact of climate change abroad could pose a greater threat to UK businesses than domestic threats, according to new research.

IEA plan could stop emissions growth by 2020 at no net economic cost

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has urged governments to adopt four policies that it claims will stop growth in energy-related emissions by 2020 at no net economic cost.

M&S eco product sales 'pushing business case for environmental responsibility'

More than a billion Marks & Spencer's (M&S) products sold in the last 12 months were of a high eco or ethical standard of quality, the retailer said today.

Climate change floods on the rise as central Europe lies submerged

Recent floods in central Europe are likely to increase for several reasons including climate change, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Canal network could help safe-guard UK water supply and renewables distribution

Building a comprehensive new canal network would not only address the difficulties of managing the UK's water supply, but would have additional benefits such as the efficient distribution of renewable energy.

Water-related disasters inhibiting global sustainability

The global population living in flood-prone river basins has increased 114% in the last 40 years, while the number of people located on coastlines exposed to cyclones has risen almost 200%, according to experts.

Extreme weather in 2012 demonstrates risk to British business

It is vital that businesses in Britain have a secure water supply in the face of increasingly extreme weather, according to the Environment Agency (EA) chairman Lord Smith.

Credit: swiss-image.ch

WEF climate talks seek new ways to unlock private finance

Business leaders must find a way to turn climate crisis into an investment opportunity for sustainable infrastructure, according to a senior figure at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

ANALYSIS: Extreme weather forces debate on climate adaptation

Pressure is mounting on society to 'accept and adapt' following news this week from the Met Office that UK businesses are at an increased risk of flooding due to extreme rainfall.

Global warming could be a factor in UK's wetter weather

Last year was the second wettest year in the UK on record and the rainfall is set to increase, according to the Met Office.

Investors prepared to interrogate businesses on resource efficiency

Many businesses are not taking up energy efficiency projects despite the positive return on investment, says Frances Way of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

British businesses still not taking water efficiency seriously

Water efficiency remains low on the corporate agenda despite recent cases of extreme weather, according to environmental and planning consultancy Temple Group head of sustainability Carol Somper.

Climate change is causing more intense and frequent  weather events, says the EEA

Climate change impacting all regions in Europe

European societies must adapt to the effects of climate change or risk devastating damage costs caused by extreme weather events, according to a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Global investors concerned with 'insufficient climate policies'

A group of global investors has called for governments of the world to develop workable frameworks that reduce climate risk and support low carbon investment.

'No business model' if environmental issues ignored

The small majority of companies ignoring environmental issues must change their behaviour and get on board or risk going bust in the next ten to 15 years, says M&S' head of sustainability Mike Barry.

'Climate change is now a daily reality for many people' - Natalie Bennett

Green Party sows seeds for next phase of growth

Having swept to victory as the new leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett talks to Maxine Perella about her plans to embed greener thinking into mainstream politics

In 2012, companies integrating climate change into their business strategies increased by 10% year-on-year

More companies integrating climate change into business strategies

Climate change has climbed the boardroom agenda after a number of extreme weather events disrupted business operations and supply chains around the world, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Global 500 Climate Change report released today.

Business must future-proof against extreme weather

Companies must consider the risks and opportunities provided by more 'freak' weather patterns, according to business leaders.

Climate change to cost businesses £335m

Extreme weather caused by climate change could increase electricity bills for UK businesses by £335m a year in by 2030 - with the retail sector hit hardest.

EA extends free flood warning service

The Environment Agency (EA) has unveiled plans to extend its free flood warning service to businesses and households at risk of groundwater flooding in Suffolk.

UK energy sector 'most vulnerable' to extreme weather

The UK's energy sector is 'most vulnerable' to the affects of extreme weather events, the first comprehensive risk assessment into climate change has warned.

Environment Agency officers rescue woman from flood waters

A woman has been saved from flood waters in Somerset by two Environment Agency (EA) officers after fierce storms battered Britain yesterday (January 3).

United Utilities fined £27,000 for Lake District watercourse pollution

United Utilities has been fined £27,000 and ordered to pay £1,702 in costs after raw sewage overflowed into watercourses near Keswick, Lake District on two occasions.

British Gas residential business making a loss for months

A mild autumn and rocketing wholesale gas supply costs has meant an energy company's residential business has run at a loss since April.

United Utilities scoops £400m European Investment Bank funding

United Utilities has secured £400m investment from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund "ambitious" water supply and wastewater management improvement projects.

Research claims turning heating down one degree could save £35m

Business and public sector organisations could save millions of pounds by turning the heating down one degree, according to new guidance by the Carbon Trust.

Picture by Stephen Bures

Heathrow Airport launches next stage of its wetland facility upgrade

Heathrow Airport has awarded environmental engineers ARM Group and wetland consultants Naturally Wallace the contract of upgrading its wetland treatment facility.

Innovative approach taken in Belfast deep-shaft project

Rethinking the site of the drive motor, saved costs in one of Northern Ireland's biggest infrastructure projects, says Frank Cooper, sales director at Bedford Pumps

Easing the squeeze of energy costs

Rising fuel prices are forcing water companies to focus on energy management - and they have plenty of scope - says John Gooday, business leader responsible for co-ordinating the water and wastewater activities at Rockwell Automation

Weather-proofing the water industry

Collaboration is key to adapting UK infrastructure for climate change resilience, says Atkins' climate change consultant Geoff Darch

Clouds of uncertainty

What does the future hold for the troubled utility Northern Ireland Water after the catastrophic water shortages of last year? Dean Stiles reports.

Defra to study climate change risk to waste infrastructure

The risk posed by climate change and how it might affect future infrastructure such as energy-from-waste plants is to be examined by Defra.

London's air quality needs carrots as well as sticks

Camden Council senior sustainability officer, Gloria Esposito, talks green fuel amid news that the capital's air quality had exceeded legal limits for concentrations of particulate matter.

Llamas carry endangered fish to safety

In a relocation project to protect a rare and vulnerable species of fish, llamas were used to transport 25,000 fish up a Cumbrian Tarn.

We need to 'get off oil hook' says Huhne

Climate Change secretary, Chris Huhne delivered the keynote speech at the Royal Geographical Society Environment and Society Forum today (February 17).

Satellite view of Queensland floods

Is climate change leading to a 'perfect storm'?

Academics, government and business came together today (February 17) at the Royal Geographical Society to discuss climate change.

Exposure to climate-related disasters such as floods, storms, or sea-level rise could have a huge impact on property and infrastructure, destroying value and raising insurance rates overnight

Investors fear next financial crisis will be climate-related

A rushed transition to clean energy triggered by extreme weather events linked to global warming "will be very expensive" to swallow for the economy, investors warned policymakers at an event in Bratislava.

DCWW strengthens systems following Ofwat scrutiny

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) remains under Ofwat scrutiny following failures in relation to coliform bacteria in its water treatment plants.

Infrastructure companies report on preparations for climate change

Reports will be published today (January 28) from major infrastructure organisations on their readiness to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Cllr Lee: partnership gives an opportunity to improve range and quality of services provided

Peterborough names new front-line services partner

Peterborough City Council has agreed a 23-year strategic partnership deal with Enterprise Managed Services to deliver front-line services including household waste and recycling collection.

UN warning on severe weather due to climate change

As more snow this weekend immobilised parts of Britain the UN called for better preparation for severe weather in Europe.

Quicker thinkers Ms Tew and Ms Marshall

Water workers prevent motorway pile up

Two quick-thinking water workers risked their lives yesterday (December 9) when they stopped what could have been a major pile-up on a motorway slip road.

Climate change increases risks of toxic pollutants

A UN study has found that climate change increases exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and heightens their toxic effects on humans and the environment.

One of Calor's storage sites in Essex

Renewable energy it's a gas

The public image of gas is getting a bit of makeover at the moment from fossil fuel to renewable darling, according to an industry insider.

2010 one of hottest on record COP 16 told

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has released data at the Climate Change Conference confirming that 2010 was one of the hottest years globally on record.

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