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President of Hungary Janos Ader called on businesses to prevent a looming water crisis Photo courtesy of Financial Times Live

Businesses urged to view water as economic risk rather than environmental issue

Efforts to combat water scarcity are "absent from the portfolios" of investors, and it is now the responsibility of the private sector to step up water efficiency practices to build understanding that water is an economic risk as well as an environmental one.

More than 400 firms responded to CDP's request, double the number of companies analyzed in 2014.

World's best-performing companies on water security revealed

Ford, Colgate Palmolive and Toyota have been named as some of the best-performing companies on water security in the first global ranking of corporate water stewardship from CDP.

Image: Screenshot of Bank of England video

Carney warns of risks from climate change 'tragedy of the horizon'

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has warned that climate change will lead to financial crises and falling living standards unless the world's leading countries do more to ensure that their companies come clean about their current and future carbon emissions.

The letter asks food and beverage companies for increased transparency and disclosure about their exposure to water risk

Global investors urge food firms to address rising water risks

Investors managing more than $2.6trn in assets have sent joint letters to 15 international food and drink companies amid growing concerns over water security and pollution.

California's four-year drought has seen water levels reach historic lows

Golden State: How California is surviving its worst drought in history

California remains in the claws of the longest drought in the state's history, placing unprecedented strain on the its water supplies. But could the scramble to save water actually help the state in the long run?

Dairy firms reported a reduction of 13% in water intensity since 2007

Food and dairy industries report water intensity improvements

The UK dairy industry and food and drink manufacturers have made significant steps towards improving water efficiency, according to a new report published today (6 July).

The Aquamark launch was supported by more than 100 blue chip and public sector organisations

New water benchmarking scheme targets 'forgotten utility'

Britain's first national water benchmarking scheme has been launched, allowing businesses to reduce water usage by an average of 30% and regain up to £500m in lost annual revenue.

Lord Smith of Finsbury will be the independent chair of the new UK Water Partnership

Lord Smith to lead public-private UK Water Partnership

"There's nothing more important than water," proclaimed the former head of the Environment Agency, Lord Chris Smith, who is chairing a new public-private body to promote resilience, innovation and growth in the UK water sector.

Partnerships should be made between communities, central and local governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations to tackle water scarcity

Companies urged to 'unite to combat water shortage'

Global beverage firm SABMiller has called for businesses to invest in partnerships to secure water availability and quality and protect both the environment and long-term profitability.

Fracking uses large volumes of water for short periods of time and as such could have negative effects on water security

Global water availability 'could limit fracking developments'

A new report that looks into the potential environmental effects of fracking has revealed that drilling and fracturing shale gas wells poses a 'significant risk' to freshwater supplies across the globe.

The two organisations are seeking to address fears that future water shortages could lead growing to local and regional tensions

'It is our duty to act now': WWC and FAO unite to combat water and food security

The World Water Council (WWC) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) have agreed to increase their collaboration amidst growing concerns about global water and food security.

Water limits for corn production are likely to be exacerbated as climate change alters global precipitation patterns

Food and biofuels likely to be hit by rising water risks to corn supplies

High water stress is jeopardising one-third of the world's corn crop, sparking food and biofuel security fears within the agricultural industry and related supply chains.

Jason Morrison believes businesses need to start socialising water stewardship issues within the communities they operate. Photo credit: Paul Prescott / Shutterstock.com

Corporate sector told to raise the bar on water stewardship

A leading authority on water has urged the global business community to 'lift its game' in delivering corporate water stewardship on the ground.

A new 'Water Shares' option would incentivise the trading of water during times of scarcity says ICE

'Water Shares' will create mutual responsibility to preserve water, say experts

Introducing a new 'Water Shares' system which would see all water abstractors own a share in their local water catchment, could create a sense of "mutual responsibility" to preserve water supply, according to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

The Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard defines criteria for good water stewardship and has been designed to align with other sustainability initiatives

Global brands sign up to international water stewardship standard

Several global organisations, including food companies Nestle and General Mills, have today announced their commitment to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard, which aims to promote a global framework for sustainable use of freshwater resources.

Business priority weighs more on reducing carbon emissions than water consumption

Will water scarcity ever challenge carbon emissions as a business priority?

When it comes to exposure and coverage, carbon emissions reign supreme. But is it time water security became the central environmental issue? Leigh Stringer investigates

EU leaders urged to tackle vast water use in energy production

Heads of state and government must take into account the vast amounts of water being used to cool Europe's power stations when they set a 2030 climate and energy policy, new research suggests.

UK food security faces 'real threat' from international water shortages

Despite the UK experiencing the wettest winter in 250 years, researchers are warning that Britain's food supply is likely to become increasingly susceptible to global water shortages.

The Governments energy generation plans could make water shortages a bigger issue

Water shortages will put UK energy security 'in danger' say researchers

UK policymakers are being called on to give greater consideration to the electricity sector's 'water footprint', as water shortages are likely to impact energy generation in the future.

Water shortages now hindering energy production

The World Bank has launched an initiative to help countries mitigate the impact of water scarcity on energy security, arguing that water shortages are now slowing down global energy production.

Matt Damon speaking out on water issues in Davos. photo credit: World Economic Forum

Nestlé credits Matt Damon for giving water the 'Bourne Ultimatum' factor

Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has praised Hollywood actor Matt Damon for speaking out on water scarcity issues at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting held last week in Davos, Switzerland.

Water security now ranks as one of greatest risks to civilisation

Water is now one of the highest global risks, alongside the economy, unemployment, food shortages and extreme weather patterns, new research has found.

According to the study, regional differences of the impacts of climate change on water availability are

Water scarcity 'biggest concern' of climate change

Up to one-fifth of the global population could suffer severe water shortages if the planet warms by two degrees above present levels, according to new research.

Government launches consultation on water abstraction reform

The Government is aiming to "modernise" the way water is abstracted from rivers and groundwater following the launch of a new consultation on license reforms.

Water rises to top as 'most urgent' sustainability challenge

Water scarcity, climate change and poverty are now society's most urgent challenges according to hundreds of sustainability experts across the world.

Mapping tool pinpoints countries at most risk of water stress

A global mapping exercise has highlighted that 37 countries across the world are currently experiencing high levels of water stress, making them vulnerable to climate pressures.

International trade strategies for water could spark global conflict

Trade investment strategies driven by big business are in danger of turning water into a commodity, a Friends of the Earth study has warned.

Energy producing giants at risk from increasing water scarcity

Water risks are on the rise for three global energy production hotspots - shale gas in the US, coal production and coal-fired power in China, and crude oil in the Middle East.

Farming sector: 'time to pull plug on water waste'

Government policy must be shaped to enable farmers to better capture water "during times of plenty" to help the industry produce more food during shortages, says the NFU.

Professor David King:

Water demand underlies many of the problems we face, says prof David King

The "short-termism" from Government and the private sector, combined with a growing population, means "we are already using the next generation's fresh water supply, says professor David King.


CDP report: Global companies taking 'outdated approach' to water issues

A misguided approach to water-related risk management has become "business as usual" at the world's largest global companies, according to the latest CDP Global Water Report.

UK and US engineers to collaborate on global water issues

A new trans-Atlantic collaboration, 'Clean Water for All', will bring leading water engineers from the United States and the UK together to tackle problems of providing clean, sustainable water supplies.

New CIWEM president Mike Summersgill

CIWEM appoints new president

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) has appointed Mike Summersgill as the 27th President of the Institution.

The EA says a key issue to water efficiency in the region is flat-fee water charges, which are still common in parts of Europe.

EU must 'redouble efforts' on water efficiency or risk undermining economy

Europe needs to redouble its efforts on water efficiency and price water to reflect purifying and transportation costs, according to a new report by the EEA.

Businesses and households in Fife and the Lomond Hills area of Scotland are being encouraged to conserve water after a dry summer left reservoir levels lower than usual at this time of year

Customers in Fife urged to conserve water after 'very dry summer'

Scottish Water is asking households and businesses to help conserve water supplies in Fife, particularly in the Lomond Hills area. The move is because of the unusually prolonged spell of dry weather and low rainfall, which has left reservoirs and other raw water sources currently lower than normal water levels.

Scientists warn 500 million people at risk of future water scarcity

Over 7% of the world's population could be affected by water scarcity in the future as a result of climate change if global warming isn't abated.

Water issues beginning to 'permeate the mainstream'

Water preservation and scarcity is "on the cusp" of being the next big sustainability issue, says Bloomberg's head of sustainability Lee Ballin.

Hydropower schemes can cause lower water levels in rivers between the points where the water is taken out and where it is put back after passing through a turbine

Wales takes new approach to hydropower

Natural Resource Wales has announced a new approach to protecting water supplies when assessing the amount of water taken from Welsh rivers for electricity generation.

By 2050 more than 40% of the world's population will live under severe water stress and nearly 20% could be exposed to floods

OECD: Governments must 'assess and manage' water risk not just react to crises

Governments must better manage water risk to avoid jeopardising economic growth and food and energy security, says the OECD.

United Nation's deputy secretary-general Jan Eliasson, opening the 23rd World Water Week

Global leaders call for 'cooperation and solid partnerships' to tackle water issues

Global leaders have called for strengthened cooperation over water issues at the opening of the 23rd World Water Week in Stockholm.

In order to create sustainable solutions, water stewardship partnerships should encompass the range of stakeholders that have an interest in water management, says WWF

Business must drive collective action and face up to 'underlying water risks'

Companies only undertaking water-related activities from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective, are unlikely to address the underlying water risks they face, nor harness the potential opportunities, a new report claims.

Lincoln's reservoir in the construction phase

Lincolnshire's new reservoir to secure water supply for area's growing industry

Water security in the Lincolnshire area has been boosted this week as the county's new reservoir receives its first flow of water.

IFC: Investors and governments must collaborate on water security solutions

International organisations, investors and governments must tackle water security together by increasing investment and encouraging efficiency, says the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

CIWEM says charging for basic water usage would allow affordable use whilst ensuring wasteful users pay for the environmental costs

Those wasting water should pay for environmental costs says CIWEM

Basic water usage should be charged to combat wastefulness and increase efficiency, says the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

Global chemicals industry must brace itself for higher water prices

Chemicals companies will be increasingly hit by rising water costs as water scarcity pressures intensify, especially in Asia and the Middle East.

EXCLUSIVE: Governments must 'localise water systems' to secure supply

Local governments and water utilities should reuse and recycle water to the greatest extent possible before transporting it from one area to another, says Autodesk.

In Deep Water: How technology can localise and restore urban water infrastructure

Many of us have experienced the growth of the "buy local food" movement in recent years. Brian Young and Emma Stewart, Sustainability Solutions at Autodesk, would like to propose an even more effective movement: "drink local".

Escondida mining project in Chile: a new $3bn desalination plant will minimise Escondida's reliance on the region's aquifers

Mining giants invest $3bn to secure water supply in Chile

Major mining companies BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have agreed to invest $3bn (£1.95bn) in a desalination plant at their joint venture project, Escondida, in Chile.

Nestlé takes to twitter to defend its 'water as commodity' position

Attaching value to water will not only address future concerns around scarcity of supply, but also guard against food security issues, Nestlé Waters has stressed.

SABMiller chief executive Alan Clark is looking to press governments over water scarcity

Don't treat water risk in isolation, warns SABMiller chief

A joined up approach to water, food and energy is critical if big business is to safeguard against future risks in water security, according to SABMiller chief executive Alan Clark.

New guidelines published to improve risk governance in water sector

New guidelines to help water companies in the international water sector better manage and implement effective risk governance have been published this week.

EA chairman Lord Chris Smith

Water firms must 'share' supplies to improve resilience says EA chief

Water companies must secure water supplies against a changing climate and a growing population, says chairman of the Environment Agency (EA) Lord Chris Smith.

Multi-purpose reservoirs key to long-term water security

Multi-purpose reservoirs can harmonise society and the environment but most are not being used to their full potential and could be waiting decades for major droughts or floods, says Black & Veatch's Alex Hamilton.

EXCLUSIVE: Tackling water scarcity 'critical' to success of the beverage industry

Businesses in the beverage industry have effectively recognised the need to improve water efficiency within their operations but progress must continue to secure the sectors future, says Coca Cola Enterprises' (CCE) Joe Franses.

6,311 areas in Europe are not meeting EU water quality standards

Europe failing own water quality standards

Water is failing EU environmental standards in more than 6,000 towns and cities across Europe, putting the health of millions of people at risk and rendering taxpayers liable for fines of over €1bn (£846m) a year, new research shows.

M&S invests in water security for smallholder suppliers

Marks & Spencer is helping smallholders within its supply chain become more water resilient as climate pressures take hold.

Paul Bulcke says water scarcity now poses threat to survival

Nestlé chief: water shortages could spark global food crisis by 2030

Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke has warned that water scarcity will be the cause of massive food shortages within the next 15 to 20 years unless decisive action is taken.

(l-r) Dr. Corrado Sommariva and Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

Masdar launches pioneering desalination technology

A pilot program to test and develop energy-efficient seawater desalination technologies, which can be powered by renewable energy sources, has launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

China leading the race as drainage basin investment doubles

Global investment in protecting natural water drainage basins has almost doubled in the last four years and China is leading the pack, according to a study.

NFU calls for long-term water security on farms

The NFU is urging farmers to build resilience into future water availability on farms so that they are in a better position to face the next drought.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker

Barker encourages renewables investment at Sustainability Week

UK energy and finance leaders gathered in Abu Dhabi today to discuss ways to encourage greater private sector investment in renewable energy and low-carbon, climate friendly projects.

UK Government should create 'water security task force'

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is calling for greater cooperation and planning to manage flooding and drought conditions after it was announced yesterday that 2012 was the second wettest year on record.

Preventative action needed on Europe's water vulnerability

Human-induced alterations to the environment such as land use, water abstraction and climate change are threatening Europe's natural cycle of water availability, according to a report published this week.

British businesses still not taking water efficiency seriously

Water efficiency remains low on the corporate agenda despite recent cases of extreme weather, according to environmental and planning consultancy Temple Group head of sustainability Carol Somper.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe speaking last week in New Delhi

Water will run out before oil, warns Nestlé chairman

Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has warned that the world's resource base will run out of water before oil, in an urgent call for action.

UK water supply chain in 'desperate need of innovation'

Leaders from across the UK and European water sectors have made a series of recommendations for water policy reform in Britain.

Funding secured for UK's first water footprint database

A British sustainability company has received almost £80k of funding from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to develop the UK's first water footprint database for materials.

The funded projects will address overseas and UK water security challenges

Government floods water industry with R&D funding

The water industry has received funding of more than £2.5m from the Government to deliver innovative projects that aim to safeguard future water supplies.

SIWI Executive director Torgny Holmgren:

Global leaders call for major investment to enhance water efficiency

Global leaders have called for substantial increases in private and public sector investment to enhance water efficiency in agriculture and reduce food waste.

The Water for Business guide will help businesses use water more effectively and support their efforts in adopting more sustainable solutions

Industry guide helps businesses manage water sustainably

Businesses will be able to manage water sustainably with the help of a new guide released by a group of industry bodies.

Can water leapfrog carbon?

Looking back on the UK's 40-year journey developing carbon reduction and climate policy to encourage business to become more sustainable,AEA Europe director Robert Bell asks if there are lessons that can be learned and applied to the challenges of water management.

Protecting the natural environment, particularly water, is high on the list of environmental priorities for Ireland

Economic pressures impact on Ireland's environment

Ireland is facing formidable environmental challenges, particularly in relation to water, climate change and nature protection, concludes the latest country report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That's despite the environment being described as 'generally in good condition overall'.

UK water security research attracts £1m investment

The risk that the UK could have a 10,000-million-litres-a-day water shortage by 2050 has prompted the Technology Strategy Board to head a £1m search for water security solutions.

UK water security at crisis point, warns ICE

The UK's water security is at a critical point and decisive action must be taken to safeguard water resources, according to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

South East Water makes £1.5m leakage investment

South East Water (SEW) has awarded technology company i20 Water a £1.5m contract to supply leakage management systems in a bid to tackle drought in the south east.

Water supplies will be the top sustainability challenge

A warning that two thirds of the world's population will be living with water stress by 2025 headlined a business sustainability webinar run this morning by Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions.

PepsiCo applauded for off-grid water ambition

Plans by PepsiCo to take its largest manufacturing factories off the water grid by 2018 have been singled out by a leading environmental think tank as an example of best practice.

Credit: homeros / Shutterstock.com

Coca-Cola delivers water security to drought-hit Somalia

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has launched an initiative to increase the water security of thousands of people in Somalia.

H&M tests new water risk tool

Clothing retailer H&M is among the first companies to take advantage of WWF's new global online tool, which aims to help businesses identify and mitigate water risk.

Merck commits to improve water quality in India

Healthcare company Merck has joined forces with the Safe Water Network (SWN) in a bid to increase access to clean water and reduce the impact of waterborne diseases in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Greater interconnection of the supply network and transfer of water across regions will be key to ensure water is not the weakest link

Interconnection is key to UK water scarcity challenge

The UK faces some serious challenges if it is to maintain the balance of water supplies through the 21st century. Steven Lambert, principal consultant at Isle Utilities, believes interconnection and innovation is the answer

OECD environmental study paints 'grim' picture of 2050

A 50% increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, an 85% global dependence on fossil fuels, a 400% increase in water demand from manufacturing and urban air pollution to be the number one environmental cause of premature death... the OECD predictions for 2050 make stark reading.

Policy makers pledge commitment to water challenges

Ministers and delegation heads have signed a Ministerial Declaration at the World Water Forum in Marseille, underlining that they are "determined to address water challenges at all scales".

Europe must improve water efficiency to boost green economy

Water efficiency efforts must be "redoubled" by Europe in a bid to bolster the green economy, according to a new report.

Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck Letmathe accepting an industry water award last year on behalf of the company

Nestlé boss urges local action on global water scarcity

Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has stressed the need for "pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective action" to address global water scarcity at the World Water Forum.

United Utilities consider north-south water pipeline project

Drought in the UK's water stressed southern regions could be tackled through water networking, according to United Utilities, which has mooted the idea of running a north-south pipeline alongside controversial HS2 high speed rail network.

Government funds water security competition

The UK water industry has received £4m in government funding to step up to the challenge of water security.

Fashion brand launches with 100% transparency policy

A fashion brand has launched with what it claims is a 100% transparency policy in a bid to prove its sustainability credentials right down the supply chain.

Spelman urges UK to 'save water' as South East is declared in drought

The UK must "find a way to save water" in order to ease the strain on water supplies and reduce the effects of drought, according to environment secretary Caroline Spelman.

Spelman calls emergency drought summit

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman is set to hold an emergency drought summit, after a new report raised drought concerns for the UK - revealing it had experienced the driest winter since 1972.

Water scarcity short film competition launches

An international short film competition which aims to generate debate around water scarcity and mark World Water Day 2012 has launched.

Sainsbury's is increasingly looking to engage the consumer in its sustainability decision-making

Sainsbury's seeks customer views on future water scarcity

Sainsbury's is canvassing opinion among its customers on how to tackle the growing issue of water scarcity as it prepares to debate the problem with key stakeholders in a closed meeting next week.

Dublin launches water mains upgrade works

Dublin City Council has launched the next phase of a Euro118m water main rehabilitation project in a bid to reduce leakage, improve water pressure and security of supply.

Global water shortages will 'trigger' social unrest, warns Nestle chairman

Global water shortages over the next twenty years will reduce cereal production by a third and "trigger" social unrest, Nestle chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has claimed.

Flooding and water scarcity ranked as top threat for UK

Water scarcity and flooding is likely to become the main problem for the UK in the future, which will need to adapt to increase its reliance, was the stark warning from the first comprehensive climate change risk study.

TRUST project gears up to unveil results of water services study

European research project Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST) is gearing up to publish the first results of a major water study to explore the sustainability of the water services in Europe and Africa.

Local community involvement 'key' to water resource management and security

Water resource management and water security could be "dramatically improved" through local community involvement, according to a new report.

AWWA's new president Kathryn McCain calls on US water companies to be vigilant

AWWA stress security strategy

In an exclusive to World Water, Kathryn L McCain, the American Water Works Association's first female president, explains why US water utilities are investing heavily in security.

EPA accused over sewage policy

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new guidelines to secure drinking water and wastewater treatment plants against terrorist or other attacks but stands accused on another front of allowing millions of Americans to face increased threats of bacteria, viruses and parasites in their water. A new EPA policy allows sewer operators to dump inadequately treated sewage into US waterways.

Depletion of water resources more serious than oil reserves

The depletion of underground water resources through overpumping is a far more serious issue than the depletion of oil reserves, the head of an environmental think-tank has warned.

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