Incinerators and Catalytic Oxidisers

We offer thermal treatment for solids and gaseous fumes. The medical waste incinerators can be containerised and will treat all types of clinical waste. For gaseous fumes the Econ-Abator catalytic oxidiser maintains high removal efficiency through its unique fluidised bed design.

Incinerators and Catalytic Oxidisers

Waste Incinerators
- Batch type as standard, hand loaded
- Robust design for long service life
- Containerised in 20ft ISO option
- Hydraulic loader option for maximum output
- Meets all emission standards

Medical Incinerators
- Provides 1100° treatment at 2 second retention
- Ideal for out of date pharmaceuticals
- Handles sharps and glass without difficulty

Catalyst Oxidiser
- To treat VOC in air streams
- Fluidised bed design
- Self cleaning catalyst
- Low operating temperature
- Ideal for oil laden condensable flows
- Very low running cost when heat exchanger fitted

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