Odour Control Filters for Commercial Kitchens

We design, manufacture, and supply high performance Odour Control Filters for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems.

Odour Control Filters for Commercial Kitchens

Our plastic refillable Carbon Filters are designed to deliver an economical Odour Control solution to meet the rigorous demands of Commercial Kitchen environments.

For Kitchen projects with ducted systems, we offer the AAC Swiftpack System and for projects involving Air Handling Units, we recommend the AAC Swiftkit System, a low-cost solution that enables manufacturers to quickly and easily fit Carbon Filters in to their Air Handling Units.

The AAC Swiftkit System is suitable for retro fit into existing Air Handling Units.

All our Carbon Filter products are manufactured in accordance with the quality assured system BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and are supported by our Free Technical Assistance.

Odour Control – Ozone Technology

The Xtract series uses ozone technology to reduce odour, grease and smoke in the kitchen ductwork system. This compact and lightweight Odour Control unit can be used as an effective standalone solution or in combination with conventional Carbon Filters to further eradicate kitchen odour.

ESP Electrostatic Precipitators

For effective smoke and grease reduction in Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, we offer a range of compact and lightweight Electrostatic Precipitators.

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