LEL Calibration and Maintenance

Industry is facing ever increasing operating costs due to higher energy prices. Optimising processes, using energy efficiently and recovering heat will deliver control over these escalating costs.

LEL Calibration and Maintenance

Process Optimisation can improve the quality of product, line speed, process efficiency, use of energy, environmental impact and process safety. Operational aims to approach each process with an open mind, understand the process, then offer solutions that provide clear benefits and improvement

Our solutions incorporate the consideration of environmental impact and safety of the process.

Our intelligent process solutions have resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of as much as 75% with short payback periods.

Operational provide:

  • Air purification systems for solvents, fumes and dust.
  • Energy recovery and reduction systems.
  • Environmental monitoring and emission tests to MCERTS standards.
  • ATEX/DSEAR risk assessments.
  • Flammable monitoring equipment and controls.
  • Explosion relief equipment.
  • Automation and process control, SCADA and data logging.

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