PURE Safety

PURE Safety provides a central platform to manage operational risk management activities, log incidents, manage corrective actions, analyze root causes, and meet and comply with reporting requirements such as from OSHA and RIDDOR.

PURE  Safety

Our solution allows you to go beyond compliance to help you prevent future incidents by acting on
the data you collect and gaining insight into underlying trends. Safety data is vital to important to
gather, interpret, and act on to drive operational excellence and protect workers.


  • Centralized data collection – single online platform for data collection and consolidation,
    integrates observation, incident management, prevention, and training to centralize and
    simplify safety training and compliance programs. Simplify incident management and support
    employee training from start to finish, and can be done from any location on any device
  • Mobility – native mobile apps to support auditing and observation/near miss reporting
  • Consolidation in reporting – metrics from multiple modules/functions automatically updated
    in a central dashboard and available to all reporting tools in isolation or combination
  • Flexibility –streamlined tracking, reporting and recordkeeping, supported by online safety
    training courses and industry-leading delivery and management options

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